Dr. R. Richards, Director and Youth-Focused Technological Entrepreneurship Chair
Dr. D. Hanlon, Youth-Focused Technological Entrepreneurship Associate Chair
B. Simmons, Associate Director, The Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Outreach Centre
S. Costello, Associate Director, The Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Gateway
R. Power, Venture Coach
K. Trask, Business Consultant
C. Miller, Intermediate Secretary
P. Nixon, Administrative Staff Specialist

Memorial University of Newfoundland’s P.J. Gardiner Institute (PJG) was the first centre of small business support to be established within a Canadian university. The objective of the Institute is to be the leading entrepreneurship institute in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador and a contributor to innovative frameworks for entrepreneurship education and support worldwide.  To satisfy this objective, the PJG is comprised of four complementary centres.

The Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Gateway - The Gateway is a collaboration of the Youth-Focused Technological Entrepreneurship (YTE) Chair and the PJG.  It is a university-based mechanism to bridge the gap between the needs of potential entrepreneurs at the seminal stages of enterprise development, and the various resources, programs and agencies that exist to meet those needs.  The Gateway is catalytic in connecting the right client with the right resource at the right time.  It is complementary to existing private, academic, and government agencies and programs in that its role is one of connectivity rather than duplication of service.  The Gateway operates as a “re-entry model” in that a client returns to the Gateway as often as is useful for additional navigational help and support.

The Entrepreneurship Research Centre - The research output of the YTE Chair is being captured, catalogued, and stored in collaboration with the Research Centre.  This body of research is accessible to other researchers and the general public and disseminated by the Research Centre.  The PJG is able to facilitate the participation of faculty in the Chair research program and continue many of the entrepreneurship themes of the Chair in years to come.  It will become the repository of entrepreneurship development ‘tools’ and entrepreneurship research and will capture and disseminate entrepreneurship education and current research in the area of technological entrepreneurship.

The Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Outreach Centre - This centre develops and delivers outreach services to meet the needs of provincial and federal economic development agencies, as well as business resource agencies, in areas of particular interest or relevance.  These activities create a robust interaction with provincial economic development agencies and are an essential point of intersection between the work of the PJG and the needs of real people in the real economy.

The Centre for Family Business - This centre provides consulting, research and education in support of the special needs of family business.  Historically, the needs of family business have been poorly understood and the vulnerabilities and opportunities facing family businesses have been inadequately addressed.  There is a need to attend to and support issues related to training, succession planning, skill development, and financing.  The centre conducts comprehensive, relevant research into questions of unique interest to the family business dynamic.

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