Dr. T. Borlase, Director
Dr. R. Sparkes, Labrador Associate
Ms. B. Decker, Administrative Assistant
Ms. M. MacDonald, Research Assistant
Ms. S. Hunter, Librarian


The Labrador Institute of Memorial University of Newfoundland was established by the University to stimulate, coordinate, and support major University projects and programmes designed to promote the well-being of the people of Labrador and to expand the Labrador knowledge base. Its location in Happy Valley-Goose Bay, the administrative centre of Labrador, gives it a perspective on regional and aboriginal conditions and issues that direct the operations of the Institute.

The Institute identifies opportunities in research where the capabilities of the University may enhance our knowledge of Labrador and address concerns of the community, and puts forward educational needs for continuing human resource and cultural development.

The Institute is the main contact point for the University in Labrador. The Institute maintains communications with aboriginal and community groups and the Faculties and Schools of the University to ensure that there is a timely response to research and educational opportunities.  It also sponsors many cultural activities including the Labrador Creative Arts Festival.

The Institute facilitates and coordinates the activity of personnel at the University as they undertake cultural, research, and educational activities. The Institute partners with Faculties and Schools to solicit funds for research and the delivery of educational programs and with other social, cultural and educational institutions in Labrador.

The Institute is not a regulatory body and does not interfere with the normal process of grant applications by individuals. However, it recommends that notice or copies of such applications be filed with the Institute to obviate duplication of effort within the University.  It also operates an invaluable archival collection of Labrador materials.  It is the Institute's intent to collect and disseminate all copies of research conducted by or through the University.


The Director of the Institute reports to the Vice-President (Academic).

The Research Advisory Committee, comprised of faculty members who are engaged in research in Labrador, maintain communications between the Institute and the Faculties and Schools. It advises on research and educational projects and priorities.

The Advisory Board, comprising Labrador residents, has both geographic and aboriginal representation appointed by the Vice-President on the recommendation of the Director of the Labrador Institute. The Board provides direct input from the community into the operations of the Institute.

The Labrador Institute maintains a centre in Happy Valley-Goose Bay with facilities for teaching, research, seminars, and conferences. An Archive provides a reference collection of publications on Labrador and other northern regions for public use, and arranges inter-library loans through the main University library. Communication facilities available include teleconference and microcomputer systems linked with the St. John's campus.  The Labrador Institute also is the ACURA site for archaeogical work in Labrador and is responsible for the coordination of activities within the Labrador South Research Initiative.


The Labrador Institute along with the Office of Research acts as the agent within the University which receives and disburses Northern Scientific Training Program grants received from the Department of Indian Affairs and Northern Development.

For further information contact:

Labrador Institute
P.O. Box 490, Station B
Happy-Valley, Goose Bay, NL   A0P 1E0

Tel: (709) 896-6210
Fax: (709) 896-2970

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