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These courses are designed for students registered in the Diploma Program in Technology Education and the Bachelor of Education (Intermediate/Secondary) Conjoint with the Diploma in Technology Education and can be used for credit only on these programs unless otherwise indicated.

2711. Course Organization and Development in Technology Education (I,ISI). An examination of the development, structure and organization of technology education curriculum locally and internationally; applications of design and problem solving instructional strategies; the management of resources in technology education laboratories; the development of resource units for teaching.
NOTE: Credit may be obtained for only one of Education 2711 and Education 2710.

2750. Introductory Design and Materials Processes (I,ISI). Theory and practice of teaching problem solving, design and materials processes. Topics and laboratory activities include production and computer assisted design.

2751. Introductory Communications and Power Technology (I,ISI). Theory and practice of selected technical skills in communications, energy and power and their practical application in a technology education laboratory. Topics include micro-computer components, systems and operations; communication networks; basic electronics; and control systems.

3750. Intermediate Design and Materials Processing Technology (I,ISI). Continuation of theory and practice of teaching technical skills and design processes developed in Education 2750. Topics elaborate on computer assisted design and problem solving with application of advanced construction techniques.

3751. Intermediate Communications and Power Technology (I,ISI). Continuation of theory and practice of technical skills in communications, power and energy developed in Education 2751. Topics include energy sources, control systems, graphic communication processes and electronic communications.

4720. Principles and Management of Technology Education Programs (I,PE,NS). Study of contemporary approaches to the administration, organization, and teaching of Technology Education programs; their application in Newfoundland; and the management of programs in Technology Education laboratories.

4750. Integrated Materials and Production Processes (I,ISI). Theory and practice in selected advanced technical skills in materials processes applied in conjunction with mechanical and fluid power and their practical applications in the modern technology education laboratory setting. Topics include integrated design, digital and fluidic control, robotics systems, and computer assisted machine applications.

4751. Advanced Communications Systems (I,ISI). Theory and practice of selected advanced technical skills in communications technology as they apply to the modern technology education laboratory. Topics include development and utilization of computer networks; satellite, and various transmission technology found in communication processes.

4752. Technology Education, Specialized (I,ISI). Theory and practice involving selected technical skills and their practical application in the technology education laboratory. Topics include the applications and use of more advanced technological systems and processes and their integration into the school curriculum of Newfoundland and Labrador.
NOTE: A modular approach will be used for each of the twenty-one technical skills credit hours. Students who can demonstrate competency in a particular module will be allowed to substitute another module in its place. Students must select the substitute module in consultation with the Office of Undergraduate Student Services.

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