Faculty of Education


Registration in Education courses is normally restricted to those students who have been admitted to a degree or diploma program in the Faculty of Education. Students in first year or students in other Faculties or Schools who have completed not fewer than 24 credit hours may register for the following courses in Education without acceptance to a program:

Education 2040 Education 3210 Education 3571
Education 2800 Education 3211 Education 3590
Education 2801 Education 3560 Education 3660
Education 2803 Education 3570

Such students are strongly urged to consult degree regulations governing their particular degree program to determine which, if any, of the above courses can be applied to their degree program. The above notwithstanding, students needing Education courses for Provincial Vocational Education Certification may, with permission of the Office of Undergraduate Student Services, be allowed to register for the required courses.

Last modified on June 4, 2003 by R. Bruce

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