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This Diploma program is intended to be completed after the award of a first Bachelor's Degree in Education and is typically offered over three consecutive Summer Sessions. Students wishing to complete this Diploma conjoint with the Bachelor of Education (Intermediate/Secondary) are directed to the Regulations for the Bachelor of Education (Intermediate/Secondary) Conjoint with the Diploma in Technology Education.

General Comment:

Technology Education is a specialized subject area within the high school curriculum. Students in the program will complete a number of laboratory courses that address the development of basic skills and competencies in a variety of technological areas and how to apply them through design and problem solving processes in a school classroom/ laboratory setting.

1) A program leading to the Diploma in Technology Education is offered by the Faculty of Education.

2) To be admitted to the Diploma Program in Technology Education, a student shall:

a) have been admitted to the Faculty of Education at Memorial University of Newfoundland, and

b) have completed at least 12 credit hours in Education including at least 3 credit hours offered by each of two disciplines in the Faculty of Education or have completed similar courses at another recognized university or college.

Admission to the program in Technology Education requires a formal application which may be obtained from the Office of Undergraduate Student Services. Application forms may be obtained by writing the Office of Undergraduate Student Services, Faculty of Education, Memorial University of Newfoundland, St. John's, NL, A1B 3X8.

3) To be eligible for the Diploma in Technology Education, a student must have

a) a degree in Education from a recognized university or college;

b) completed 30 credit hours from those listed below:

(i) Nine Professional Education credit hours, Education 4720 and 3700* and one of Education 2711, 2730, 3710, 3720 or 3730 which must be approved by the Office of Undergraduate Student Services. Students whose area of specialization in their degree in Education is Post-Secondary Education will be allowed to substitute other Post-Secondary Education courses for those listed above if they have already received credit for these courses on their Post-Secondary Education degree.

(ii) Twenty-one Technology Education Technical Skills credit hours - Education 2750, 2751, 3750, 3751, 4750, 4751, and 4752.

c) At least 24 of the credit hours required under Clause 3(b) must be completed at this University.

d) An average of at least 2 point for the total number of courses completed on the diploma program at this University.

NOTES: 1) The requirement of Regulation 3(c) may be extended for students who completed courses in a Technology Education program at a recognized college or university before the appropriate courses were available at this University. For those students, a minimum of 15 credit hours, 6 in Education including Student Teaching and 9 in Technology Education Technical Skills must be completed at this University.
2) The requirement of Education 3700* may be waived by the Committee on Undergraduate Studies on the recommendation of the Office of Undergraduate Student Services. (Please refer to Student Teaching Guidelines).

* Inactive Course

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