Faculty of Education


1) A candidate who has been awarded a Bachelor's degree in Music from a recognized university may be admitted to the program leading to the degree of Bachelor of Music Education provided that the pattern of courses for the first degree is acceptable to the Selections Committee of the Faculty of Education.

2) Subject to Regulation 1, the degree of Bachelor of Music Education may be awarded upon the successful completion of at least 30 additional credit hours in accordance with clauses 3 and 4 below.

3) A candidate shall complete the following 45 credit hours in Education:

a) Education 3618 or 3619
b) Education 4362
c) Education 4370 or 4383
d) Education 2510, 2520, 2530, 3920, 3925, and 4830
e) Education 403X (15 credit hour Internship)
f) Three other credit hours in Education other than Music Education.

NOTE: Students who decline an offer of admission to the Faculty of Education, or who do not register for courses during the academic year in which admission is granted must, if they wish to be subsequently considered for admission, submit a new application in competition with other applicants.

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