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These courses are designed for students enrolled in the Diploma Program in Adult Teacher Education and the Post-Secondary Education Degree and Diploma programs and can be used for credit on those programs as outlined in the Regulations for the Degree and Diplomas and as indicated below.

2800. Introduction to Adult Education (A,PS). A review of the history of the Adult Education movement. The rationale for the investment of public or private resources in the education or training of adults. An examination of current educational philosophies related to Adult Education.

2801. The Adult as Learner (A,PS). The implications for adult programs and instructional strategies of difference among adults in abilities, attitudes, interests, skills, social roles.

2803. Educational Aspects of Adult Development (A,PS). An examination of the educational aspects of adult development from early adulthood through middle age to later maturity.

2806. Sociology of Adult Education (A,PS). This course explores the sociological context of adult learning. The interrelationship between particular social factors (e.g., age, sex, occupational structure) and the need for adult educational programs are studied. The potential effects of such programs on society are examined with reference to community development. Special emphasis is given to societal change as it relates to education as a way of life.

3430. General Methods of Instruction of Adults (A). A study of the various processes of Adult Education: discussion groups, case studies, role playing, individual and group discovery, demonstrations, simulation exercises, action research, report writing and lectures.

3440. Organization and Administration of Programs in Adult Education (A,PS).Alternative provincial or regional methods of organization for the provision of Adult Education. The statutory framework within which Adult Education functions.

4450. Practicum in Adult Education (A). On-the-job supervised activities designed to have the student implement the theory and principles of Adult Education.

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