The media production services are a component of Distance Education and Learning Technologies. These services encourage and support innovative teaching practices through the application of instructional technologies in both on-campus teaching and distance education. In addition, it provides high-end media support for research, public relations, and other university activities. Examples of its product range from the University's convocation and basketball broadcasts to award-winning documentaries developed with various academic units and a large volume of high quality teaching video used in distance education courses.

The University's media production unit offers a wide range of professional media development, production, post-production, and distribution services. Video services include broadcast-quality studio and mobile facilities, and production services such as digital cameras, AVID non-linear editing, digitization, international standards conversion, tape and CD-ROM duplication, and distribution by satellite and the Internet. Graphics specialties include print layout and design, illustration, television graphics and animation, 3D visualization, and design for the World Wide Web. Technical staff offers consultation, design, installation, and maintenance services for multimedia teaching facilities. Distance education services include working with faculty members in conjunction with the distance instructional designers to develop the courses and teaching methods appropriate for distance delivery. In addition, the publications unit coordinates the development of the innovative multimedia distance teaching resources.

Classroom Support Services provides multimedia and audio-visual support for teaching in the classrooms of the South Campus. It provides and delivers portable classroom equipment and the support of fixed media facilities.

For information on the media production services contact:

Tel: (709)737-7575
Fax: (709)737-4635

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