The Certificate in Municipal Administration is intended for employees of municipalities, and other interested parties, who wish to develop skills used in the administration of municipal services.


To be eligible for the Certificate in Municipal Administration a student must complete the following:

1) Municipal Administration 1701, 1702, 2703, 2704, 2705, 2706.

2) Two courses chosen from Business 2000, 2301, 3320, 4320; Municipal Administration 2707.


Certificate courses are specially designed courses relating to specific areas of study for which no equivalent degree credit course exists and are not applicable towards an existing diploma or degree program.

1701. Introduction to Municipal Accounting. This course will focus on the application of generally accepted accounting principles and procedures to a municipal setting. Although generally accepted accounting principles and procedures are equally applicable to government and private industry, emphasis will be placed on municipal applications and on those areas where accounting treatment differs.

1702. Introduction to Local Government. This course provides an introduction to the development, structure, and operation of municipal government in Canada, with particular emphasis on Newfoundland. As a required course for the program in municipal administration, it is designed to be of greatest benefit to municipal clerks, managers, and other administrative personnel.

2703. Municipal Law. This course deals with practical, day-to-day legal affairs affecting municipal councillors and administrators. These areas will include issues of taxation, tax collection, civil liability, conflict of interest, regulatory authority, procedures, municipal finance, employment and labor and by-law enforcement. Emphasis will be on practical self-help remedies for municipalities.

2704. Municipal Financial Administration. An overview of the municipal accounting process: budgeting, cost planning and control; product and project costs, profit planning, materials and labor control, capital investment decisions, analysis of financial statements, tracing the flow of net working capital and cash, and a master budget plan.
Prerequisite: Municipal Administration 1701.

2705. Municipal Administration. This course examines the policies and procedures of municipal administration. Topics include the principles of municipal administration, the administration of council meetings and activities and the administration of external relations.

2706. Municipal Planning and Community Development. This course provides a grounding in the principles of municipal planning and a familiarity with the legislation and planning system in Newfoundland with a view to assisting participation in a program of community.

2707 - Selected Topics in Municipal Administration.

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