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Please refer to the calendar entry for the Faculty of Science for complete course descriptions and regulations for the Bachelor of Science degree.
Terms A/B (Fall and Winter)
∙Six credit hours in English courses*;
∙Mathematics 1000;
∙Economics 2010 and 2020;
∙Business 1000;
∙Twelve additional credit hours in non-Business electives, at least 9 credit hours of which must be in courses chosen from the Faculties of Arts and/or Science** and/ or the School of Music.
Term One (Fall) ∙Business 1101. Principles of Accounting
∙Business 1201. Principles of Marketing
∙Statistics 2500. Statistics for Business and Arts Students I OR
∙Statistics 2510. Statistics for Physical Science
∙Computer Science 2710. Problem Solving and Programming
∙Computer Science 2740. Discrete Structures I
∙Business 1600. Introduction to Entrepreneurship
Term Two (Winter) ∙Business 2000. Business Communications
∙Business 2101. Managerial Accounting
∙Business 2201. Marketing Applications
∙Business 2301. Organizational Behaviour
∙Business 2401. Quantitative Methods for Business
∙Computer Science 2711. Introduction to Algorithms and Data Structures
Spring [See NOTES 1 and 2 below]
Term Three (Fall) ∙Business 3320. Introduction to Labour Relations
∙Business 3401. Operations Management
∙Business 3700. Information Systems
∙Computer Science 2741. Discrete Structures II
∙Computer Science 3724. Computer Organization
Work Term I (Winter) Business 399W [See NOTE 1 below]
Term Four (Spring) ∙Business 4000. Business Law I
∙Business 4320. Introduction to Personnel and Human Resource Management
∙Business 4401. Management Science
∙Business 4500. Financial Management I
∙Economics 3150. Money and Banking
Work Term II (Fall) Business 499W [See NOTE 1 below]
Term Five (Winter) ∙Business 5301. Organizational Theory
∙Computer Science 3711. Algorithms and Complexity
∙Computer Science 3740. Abstract Machines, Languages and Computations
∙2 electives [See NOTE 3 below]
Work Term III (Spring) Business 599W [See NOTE 1 below]
Term Six (Fall) ∙Business 7000. Organizational Strategy
∙Computer Science 3714. Programming Languages and their Processors
∙Computer Science 3725. Computer Architecture
∙1 Computer Science elective
∙1 elective [See NOTE 3 below]
Term Seven (Winter) ∙Computer Science 4718. Software Methodology
∙Computer Science 4721. Operating Systems Principles
∙1 Computer Science elective
∙2 electives [See NOTE 3 below]

* It is strongly recommended that students complete English 1110, Comprehension, Writing and Prose Style, as one of these English courses.

** Students who wish to complete the joint degrees of Bachelor of Commerce (Co-operative) and Bachelor of Science in Computer Science must complete Computer Science 1700, 3 more credit hours in Mathematics and are strongly advised to complete 3 additional credit hours in Science electives.

NOTES: 1) Students are advised that, in order to complete the joint degrees within the minimum 150 credit hours, they should be prepared to complete at least three of the courses required for the degree of Bachelor of Science as opportunities arise and as courses are offered. Following Term Two of the program for the Bachelor of Commerce (Co-operative) degree, these courses may be completed during the Spring semester between Terms 2 and 3, or during any of the three Work Terms (for example, in the evening or by distance), or during Terms 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7 (following submission of a course load waiver).

2) To meet the requirements for the Joint Degree in the minimum number of 150 credit hours, careful planning, particularly in the selection of elective courses as well as in the sequence of Major program courses, is recommended to ensure timely completion. Also, note that in order to meet the Science general regulations, students must have completed courses in at least four areas of Science.

3) Six credit hours must be Business electives and 6 credit hours must be Science electives.

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