The following undergraduate programs are available in the Department:

- Major or Honours in Sociology

- Joint Honours in Sociology and Another Major Subject

- Major or Honours in Sociology/Anthropology

- Minor in Sociology

- Minor in Sociology/Anthropology


Admission to the Major and Minor programs in Sociology is competitive and selective and based on academic standing. Students who wish to enter these programs must submit a "Declaration/Change of Academic Program" form to the Department of Sociology.

To be eligible to declare a Major or Minor in Sociology or Sociology/Anthropology, all applicants must have completed a minimum of 30 credit hours in courses which will include the following:

- 21 credit hours in courses other than Sociology (at the 1000 and 2000-levels), with a minimum overall average of 60%, and

- Sociology 1000* or 2000 or any 2000-level course in Sociology, with a minimum grade of B-65

* Inactive Course


Admission to the Honours program in the Department of Sociology is competitive and selective. Students who wish to enter this program must submit an "Application for Admission to Honours Program" form to the department.

To be accepted into the Honours program, a student must not only meet the criteria laid out in the Regulations for the Honours Degree of Bachelor of Arts, but must normally have obtained a cumulative average of at least 75% in 18 credit hours in courses in Sociology which must include Sociology 3040 and 3150.


Sociology 1000* or 2000 are prerequisites for all further Sociology courses except 2250 and those cross-listed with the Department of Anthropology. Credit is not given for both Sociology 1000* and 2000. Before taking 3000-level courses, students must have taken at least 6 credit hours in courses below the 3000 level. To take courses at the 4000 level, students must have previously taken at least 9 credit hours in courses at the 3000 level.

The following courses, cross-listed with the Department of Anthropology and identified by the prefix "S/A", are also taught at the introductory level: 2200, 2210, 2220, 2230, 2240*, 2260, 2270, 2280, and 2350. A minimum of two of these courses is prerequisite to further cross-listed courses. These courses are open to be taken as first courses or may be taken to follow up a departmental introductory course.

* Inactive Course


Major Options.

A student majoring in the Department may elect one of two options: (a) Sociology; (b) Interdisciplinary Studies in Sociology and Anthropology. The interdisciplinary option is for students whose major interests lie in areas which overlap departmental boundaries. An interdisciplinary curriculum of courses is available. These courses are recommended for (1) students who are interested in an interdisciplinary Sociology/Anthropology Major; (2) students majoring in either Sociology or Anthropology, wishing to broaden their disciplinary perspective; (3) students in other fields interested in exploring, from an interdisciplinary perspective, specific problem areas in the Social Sciences. The courses in this option are clearly indicated by the designation S/A before the course number. All students must meet the requirements listed under General Degree Regulations, Regulations for the General Degree of Bachelor of Arts. Under these regulations a minimum of 36 credit hours in Sociology courses are required with appropriate added selections from other departments. Specific regulations for each option are:

a) Sociology Option: Students wishing to Major in Sociology must complete Sociology 1000* or 2000, Sociology 3040, Sociology 3150, and at least 6 credit hours in Sociology at the 4000 level from the courses listed in Table 1 below. No more than an additional 6 credit hours in courses below the 3000-level may be counted toward the Major. The remaining courses, for the minimum of 36 credit hours required for the Major, may be selected from any Sociology and S/A offerings at the 3000 and 4000 levels.

b) Interdisciplinary (S/A) Option: Students wishing to Major in this option must complete at least 24 credit hours in S/A courses, plus a minimum of 12 credit hours in courses selected from offerings in Sociology, Anthropology, or S/A. Specific requirements are detailed under the Sociology/Anthropology Interdepartmental Studies Program.

* Inactive Course


Minor Option.

A Minor in Sociology requires completion of Sociology 1000* or 2000, Sociology 3040, 3150, at least 3 credit hours from Sociology courses at the 4000 level, listed in Table 1 below, and 12 credit hours in other Sociology or S/A courses.

* Inactive Course

NOTE: Students majoring in either Anthropology or Sociology cannot elect to Minor in the S/A Program. Likewise, S/A Majors cannot elect either Anthropology or Sociology as a Minor.

Table 1: Sociology courses that can be used to fulfill the
4000 level requirements for the Major and Minor in Sociology

4040 4101 4107 4170 4240
4071 4102 4108 4204 4600
4092 4103 4120 4206 4995
4094 4104 4130 4210
4095 4105 4150 4212
4098 4106 4160 4230


Honours students are required to complete at least 60 credit hours in courses in Sociology and S/A, including all courses prescribed for the Major in Sociology, and either Sociology 4995 or 4996*, and must meet the requirements outlined in the Regulations for the Honours Degree of Bachelor of Arts.

* Inactive Course

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