In accordance with Senate's Policy Regarding Inactive Courses, courses which have not been offered in the previous three academic years and which are not scheduled to be offered in the current academic year have been removed from the following listing. For information about any of these inactive courses, please contact the Head of the Department.

1000. Elementary Spanish I. Introductory course, grammar, reading and oral Spanish.

1001. Elementary Spanish II. A continuation of Elementary Spanish I.
Prerequisite: Spanish 1000.

2000. Intermediate Spanish I. A continuation of the basic grammar, reading, and oral Spanish completed in the elementary program.
Prerequisite: Spanish 1001.

2001. Intermediate Spanish II. A continuation of Intermediate Spanish I.
Prerequisite: Spanish 2000.

3001. A study of representative works of Spanish literature of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.
Prerequisite: Spanish 2001.

3101. Spanish Literature of the Golden Age: Prose. A general introduction to the historical and cultural background and development of sixteenth and seventeenth century Spanish prose literature through study of Lazarillo de Tormes, Don Quijote and El Buscón. Special emphasis is laid on the picaresque novel and on the originality of Cervantes and the creation of the first truly "modern" novel.
Prerequisite: Spanish 2001.

3200. A general survey of Spanish literary works of the twentieth century, with a detailed study of representative authors.
Prerequisite: Spanish 2001.

3400. Spanish Civilization. A survey of Spanish history, literature, art and philosophy.
Prerequisite: Spanish 2001.

3401. Spanish-American Culture and Civilization. Spanish-American culture and civilization from pre-Columbian times to the present through an examination of native (Aztec, Incan, Mayan, Quechua and Muisca) cultures and the impact on them of European discovery and colonization of the New World. Particular attention will be paid to the situation of the Indian and the mestizo in Spanish America and to the background of the various independence movements in the region.
Prerequisite: Spanish 2001.

3500. Spanish-American Literature I: 1500-1880. The development of Spanish-American literature from the European conquest to the Romantic movement, beginning with a comparison between Spanish and native American writing at the time of the conquest. The Baroque, Neo-classical and Romantic ages will be studied through the writings of such authors as Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz, Altamirano, Inclán and Flores.
Prerequisite: Spanish 2001.

3501. Spanish-American Literature II: 1880-1980. An examination of major trends in Spanish-American literature since Romanticism, with particular emphasis on the development of the modern novel and on the works of such authors as Gabriel García Márquez, Jorge Luís Borges and Julio Cortazar.
Prerequisite: Spanish 2001.

3502. Spanish-American Cuento. Generic characteristics and history of the short story. Major emphasis will be laid on a close reading of stories by Juan Rolfo, Jorge Luís Borges, Julio Cortazar and Gabriel García Marquez.
Prerequisite: Spanish 2001.

3600, 3601. A study of representative works of Spanish-American literature of the twentieth century.
Prerequisite: Spanish 2001.

3700. Advanced Spanish I. Oral Spanish, composition and reading of contemporary literary materials; phonetics.
Prerequisite: Spanish 2001.

3701. Advanced Spanish II. A continuation of Advanced Spanish I.
Prerequisite: Spanish 3700.

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