Deal, M., B.A. Dalhousie, Ph.D. Simon Fraser; Professor

Professores Emeriti

Briggs, J.L., M.A. Boston, Ph.D. Harvard; University Research Professor, Awarded 1986, Henrietta Harvey Professor, 1994-1997

Paine, R.P.B., M.A., D.Phil. Oxon, F.R.S.C.; Henrietta Harvey Professor, 1973-1994, O.C.

Honorary Research Professors

Andersen, R.R., B.A. Knox, M.A. Emory, Ph.D. Missouri

Inglis, G.B., B.A., M.A., Ph.D. British Columbia

Tanner, A., B.A., M.A. British Columbia, Ph.D. Toronto


Brown, S.C., B.A. Melbourne, Ph.D. Toronto

Kennedy, J.C., B.A. Denver, M.A. Massachusetts, Ph.D. Michigan State

Leyton, E.H., B.A., M.A. British Columbia, Ph.D. Toronto

Renouf, M.A.P., B.A., M.A. Memorial, Ph.D. Cantab.; Winner of the President's Award for Outstanding Research 1992-1993; Canada Research Chair in North Atlantic Archaeology

Tuck, J.A., A.B., Ph.D. Syracuse, F.R.S.C.; University Research Professor, Awarded 1984; Director, Institute of Social and Economic Research; Henrietta Harvey Professor, 1999-present

Associate Professors

Clark, J.R., B.A. Memorial

Fife, W., B.A. Winnipeg, M.A. Western Ontario, Ph.D. McMaster

Jerkic, S.M., B.A. Beloit College, M.A., Ph.D. Toronto

Nemec, T.F., B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Michigan

Pope, P.E., B.A. Princeton, M.Litt. Oxford, M.A., Ph.D. Memorial; Winner of the President's Award for Outstanding Research, 2001-2002

Roseman, S.R., B.A. Toronto, M.A., Ph.D. McMaster; Winner of the President's Award for Outstanding Research 2002-2003

Assistant Professors

Rankin, L., B.A. British Columbia, M.A. Trent, Ph.D. McMaster

Tate, M., B.A. York, M.Sc. London, Ph.D. London School of Economics

Whitaker, R., B.A. Memorial, M.A. York, Ph.D. California

Whitridge, P.J., B.A. University of Toronto, M.A. McGill University, Ph.D. Arizona State University

Adjunct Professors

Ramsden, P., B.A. Toronto, M.A. Calgary, Ph.D. Toronto

Sider, G., B.A. Pennsylvania, M.A. Toronto, Ph.D. New School for Social Research

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