We are thrilled to share the current draft of our program. We received proposals from all across Canada (and beyond) and are working to build an educational and inspiring schedule.

All sessions will take place at our stunning new campus on Signal Hill unless otherwise noted. Room numbers will be added shortly.

We will also be webcasting both the plenary panels, and the keynote address by President Natan Obed of Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami. WEBCAST LINK HERE.

Wednesday, October 24th 

6:00pm - 8:00pm
Signal Hill Campus, Memorial University
Welcome Social
7:00pm - 9:00pm
Johnson Insurance Atrium, Signal Hill Campus, Memorial University
Join us for a classic NL party, with accordian lessons, great music courtesy of local bluegrass band, High and Lonesome, and local food!

Thursday, October 25th

8:30am - 4:30pm
Johnson Insurance Atrium, Signal Hill Campus
B2007, Signal Hill Campus 9:00am - 10:00am
Plenary Panel: The State of Public Engagement in Canada, and Beyond*
B2007, Signal Hill Campus 10:00am - 11:00am
Ted Hewitt, President, SSHRC 
Sara Woods, Executive Associate to the Senior Vice Chancellor for Community Engagement and Director of the Barbara Weitz Centre, University of Nebraska at Omaha
Kevin Morgan, Dean of Engagement and Professor of Governance and Development, Cardiff University
Chair: Noreen Golfman, Provost and VPA, Memorial University
Break (Including Award Presentation: Mirabelli-Glossop Award for Distinguished Contribution, Nora Spinks, Chief Executive Officer, The Vanier Institute of the Family)
11:00am - 11:15am
Plenary Panel: Advancing Public Engagement in Canada
B2007, Signal Hill Campus 11:15am - 12:15pm
Mathew Johnson, Associate Dean, Engaged Scholarship & Executive Director of the Howard R. Swearer Centre for Public Service, Brown University
Michelle Nilson, Associate Professor of Educational Leadership at Simon Fraser University, and Academic Co-lead, Community-Campus Engage Canada
David Phipps, Executive Director, Research and Innovation Services, York University, and Director, Reseach Impact Canada
Parks Canada Mentors' Lunch
B2007, Signal Hill Campus 12:30pm - 1:50pm
Meet experienced public engagement professionals, and share stories, tips, and, hopefully, some laughs.
Breakout Session 1
2:00pm - 3:20pm
On the Move: Engaging on Mobility in Rural and Remote Canada 
B1002, Signal Hill Campus
Presenters: Nicole Power, Kelly Vodden, Craig Pollett, Nora Spinks, Kerry Murray, Leanna Butters, Damon Clarke, and Christina Murray
Chair: Dr. Barb Neis

The Information Pipeline: Knowledge Mobilization for Public Engagement 
B1001, Signal Hill Campus
Presenters: Michael Johnny, and Bojan Furst (For Knowledge brokering: Experiences from three Canadian Universities)
Chair: Sarah Minnes

Hand in Hand (1): Community Responsive Research
B2007 (a), Signal Hill Campus 
Presenters: Amy Jones and Marilyn Forward (Engaging Communities in Research: the Thriving Regions Partnership Process), Pauline MacIntosh and Catherine Irving ("Catalyzing Conversation through People's Schools"), Christopher Smith (Expertise, lived experience, and the ethics of community compensation: Critical implications for public engagement based scholarship)
Chair: Kelly Greenfield

Statistics and Stories: Monitoring and Evaluation for University-Community Collaboration 
B1004, Signal Hill Campus
Presenters: Shannon Lewis-Simpson and Randy Murphy (Measuring the Tangible an Intangible Impacts of Collaborative, Community Engaged Learning on the East Coast Trail), Piotr Krajewski (An Evaluation of the Public Engagement Framework at Memorial: Five Years In), Lynn Squires (Alumni Engagement as a form of public engagement at Memorial University)
Chair: Sandy Brennan

Shaping the Path Forward (1): Methods to Facilitate Public Engagement Success 
B1005, Signal Hill Campus
Presenters: Louise Harris, Jennifer Adams, Ed Morrison, and Cathy Malcolm-Edwards
Chair: Bruce Gilbert

University Engagement and Temporality: Working Effectively in Different Times (workshop)
B1007, Signal Hill Campus
Presenters: Blair Winsor, Tom Cooper, Ken Carter
Chair: Elizabeth Lawrence

Transforming University-Indigenous Relationships for Reconciliation
B 1003, Signal Hill Campus
Presenters: Jodie Lane, Sylvia Moore, and Lucy Brennan (“The Inuit Bachelor of Education Program: An example of how partnerships, cultural inclusion, and Language delivery can combine to create a one-of-a-kind program”) and Zaida Rahaman (“Towards Diversity and Discovery: Building Community Partnerships to Strengthen the Health and Wellbeing of Indigenous Youth”)
3:20pm - 3:40pm
Breakout Session 2
3:40pm - 5:00pm
At the Table: Public Engagement for Accessibility and Inclusion (Workshop)
B1001, Signal Hill Campus
Presenters: Kimberly Maich, Yirong Qin, Emily Christy, Catherine Shortall and Susanne Dawe
Chair: Sharon Mclennon

Hands On: Creating Meaningful Curricular Learning Experiences with Public Engagement 
B1002, Signal Hill Campus
Presenters: Darlene Spracklin-Reid and Michelle Craig (Service Learning Work Terms: Engineering Students Connecting with the Community), Florian Villaume (Entrepreneurial Work Terms: Innovation in Healthcare and New Businesses), Dr. Daniel Gillis and Nic Durish (How Community Engaged Computer Science Can Change The World)
Chair: Jennifer Browne

Strings Attached: Insights from an Award-Winning Public Engagement Collaboration (Workshop)
B2007 (a), Signal Hill Campus
Presenters: Lisa Bishop, Melissa Earles-Druken, Linda Hart, Stephen Darcy, and Carole Bestvater
Chair: Lisa Browne

Making it Clear: Communications for Public Engagement
B1004, Signal Hill Campus
Presenters: Ainsley Hawthorne (Writing about Research for a General Audience), Cathy Newhook, Steve Bartlett (Mom, I just want tube socks — the importance and power of storytelling and why we can never let it die) and AnnMarie Boudreau
Chair: Paula Dyke
Hand in Hand (2): Community Responsive Research
B1003, Signal Hill Campus
Presenters: Valencia Gaspard, William Garret-Petts, Danalee Baker, Ann McCarthy, Sukh Heer Matonovich, and Troy Fuller (“Publicly Engaged Research: From University-Led to Community-Driven")
Chair: Sheila Downer
Public Panel: Sharing the Stage: Memorial University and the Arts Community in NL
B2007, Signal Hill Campus 7:30pm - 10:00pm
Presenters: Andy Jones, Pam Hall, Melissa Barbeau, Greg Malone, and Ian Sutherland
Chair: Noreen Golfman

Friday, October 26th

Johnson Insurance Atrium, Signal Hill Campus 8:30am - 9:30am
Breakout Session 1
9:30am - 10:50am
Mutual Respect, Mutual Benefits: Meaningful Inclusion Through Public Engagement 
B1003, Signal Hill Campus
Presenters: Adrienne Peters, Josh Smee, Ally Jamieson, Aneesh Sasikumar, Sobia Shaikh, and Jennifer Selby (Addressing Islamaphobia)
Future Leaders: Civic Engagement in the Classroom 
B1002, Signal Hill Campus
Presenters:Janna Rosales (Envisioning Publicly-Engaged Engineering Education), Kim Myrick, and Andrea Rose ("LEADing the Way: Integrating Interdisciplinary, Community-engaged, Academic Programming for Undergraduate Students at Memorial University")
Chair: Mike Clair

Work that Works: What Successful Public Engagement Research Relationships have in Common 
B1004, Signal Hill Campus
Presenters: Blair Winsor (“Memorial and the Shorefast Foundation: Lessons from a Research Partnership”) Deborah Kelly, Claudia Sarbu, and Gerard Yetman (“A New "APPROACH" to Improve Access to HIV Testing in Newfoundland and Labrador”)
Chair: David Phipps

Learning Through Doing (Research Carousel)
B2007 (a), Signal Hill Campus
Presenters: Hannah Gaultois (“Fostering engagement between social enterprise and inquiring minds: A success story about a unique collaboration between university students and the community”), Chelsey McPhee and Megan Howse (“Engaging the Community in Health Professional Education: Interprofessional Placements in Community Agencies”), Mohammed Farshad Amini (“Learning for Recognition in Exercising Local Social Enterprises), Haley Toll (“Creative community spaces and supports for newcomer refugee women to St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador.”)
Chair: Michael Johnny

Just the Facts: Data and Simulation in Public Engagement 
B1005, Signal Hill Campus
Presenters: Alex Hickey (“The Legacy is the Learning: Mystery of the Myosotis Arvensis”), Jean Le Moullec (“Open Projects at DEIL: exploring the potential of open approaches and collaborative data creation”), Alvin Simms and Jamie Ward (“Big Data Big Ideas: A Project Based on Engagement and Community Driven Analysis For Regional Economic Development”)
Chair: David Freshwater

Changing Lives: How Public Engagement Can Benefit Health Outcomes 
B1007, Signal Hill Campus
Presenters: Nicole Pittman (“The Medication Therapy Services Clinic: Working Together to optimize drug therapy, once patient at a time”), and Robert Wilson (“Quality of Care NL/Choosing Wisely NL- A Public and Clinician Campaign on Over-utilization of Antibiotics in NL”)
Chair: Stephen Bornstein

Tell Me a Story: Using Storytelling and Narrative in Public Engagement (1) (Exhibit)
Johnson Insurance Atrium Staircase, Signal Hill Campus
Presenters: Dean Oliver (“Peoples’ Tales: Stories, Trends, and Lessons from Museums”), Katherine Side and Jennifer Snow (Tangled Threads/Fils Entremêlés: Museum Exhibition meets Short Film)
Chair: Ashley Wright
Breakout Session 2
11:10am - 12:30pm
Scholarship of Engagement: Theories and Thinking on Public Engagement
B1007, Signal Hill Campus
Presenters: Biplab Halder (“The Pursuit of Social Justice: How Community Health Clinics in Bangladesh Promote Health Equity, Human Agency and Freedom Through Public Participation”), and Julia Janes (“Rocky Encounters: The Uneven Social Relations and Practices of Community-University Engagements”)
Chair: David Phipps

Engagement in the Classroom (Curricular Design Carousel)
B2007 (a), Signal Hill Campus
Presenters: Ailsa Craig and Kathy Hawkins (Nothing about us without us”: engaging communities in course design), Saiqa Azam (Pre-Service Science Teachers’ Engagement in Teaching
Fellowships with Ocean Learning Partnership (OLP): Bringing Oceans to K-12 Science Classrooms), Simon Adu-Boateng, Karen Goodenough, Ross Elliot, Keith Rideout(Combining Traditional Methods and New Technologies for Marine, Fisheries and Aquaculture Training in Rural Communities), Sandra Lapointe and Chandra Kavanaugh (The Collaborative: A New Model of Engagement for SSH Scholars and Educators)
Chair: Jennifer Browne

Deciding Together: Public Engagement's Role in Collaborative Governance 
B1004, Signal Hill Campus
Presenters: Lorelei Roberts-Loder, and Mark Lane (Leveraging Collaborative Governance to Advance Sector Growth in Newfoundland and Labrador), Craig Pollett (Civic Engagement, and the Relationship between Residents and their Local Governments), Laura Wesley (Government of Canada's Public Engagement Principles in Practice)
Chair: Katie Norman

Technologies for Public Engagement 
B1003, Signal Hill Campus
Presenters: Rick Meaney (Memorial’s Technical Services - Support for Prototyping and Product Development), Kim Crosbie (yaffle n EDD yafful sb 1 'a handful; an armful' (of dried and salted cod-fish, etc)
Casting the Net-work for Public Engagement, Meshari Alwashmi (Engaging healthcare professionals and patients in the development of Mobile Health Interventions)
Chair: Andy Fisher

Connecting the Dots on Climate Change:Improving collaboration and engagement on complex, cross-cutting challenges
B1002, Signal Hill Campus
Presenters: Trevor Bell, Paul Snelgrove and Barb Neis
Chair: Jackie Janes
Bag Lunch
Breakout Session 3
1:00pm - 4:00pm
Session A) Designing Public Engagement Facilities and Spaces: Global Lessons, Local Application (free public session)
Location: Johnson Atrium Staircase, Signal Hill Campus with tour of Neal Building following
Presenters:Mike Hefferan (View Mr. Hefferan's case study about Signal Hill Campus here), Sara Woods, Director, and Ann Browne
Session B) When Public Engagement Meets Entrepreneurship (free public session)
Location: B2007 (a) Signal Hill Campus
Presenters: Blair Winsor and Ken Carter (Mapping Knowledge Seeking in the St. John’s and Corner Brook Entrepreneurial Ecosystems), Michael Long ("Supporting Entrepreneurship through the CNA College Innovation Network"), Nelson Graham ("St. John's, a city of opportunities or barriers for immigrant entrepreneurs?"), Ryan MacNeil (“Innovation in ocean science technology: Where universities depend on entrepreneurs, and vice versa”), Steve Butt and Allan Cramm (“University-Company Engagement in the Mining Industry: Development of Innovative Technologies and Practices”.) and Mandy Woodland (How creating a relationship cluster drives health entrepreneurship + commercially viable R&D)

Session C) Healthy Communities: Using Public Engagement to Improve the Places We Live and Work (free public session)
Location: St. John's Community Market, 245 Freshwater Rd
Presenters: Josh Smee, Robert Nolan and Maggie Burton (Smart Cities Challenge: Building a Healthy and Happy City through Collaboration), and Karen Raymond
Bus leaves Signal Hill Campus at 12:50.

Session D) Neighbours: An Engaged Walking Tour Through Downtown St. John's (free public session with guided downtown walk) 
Location: Presentation in B1007, Signal Hill Campus, followed by walking tour of downtown St. John's
Presenters: Megan Forsyth and Chris Brookes

Saturday, October 27th

Breakout Session 1
9:00am - 10:20am
The Road to Here: Place-Based Economic Development
B2007a, Signal Hill Campus
Presenters: Jane Severs, Barry Gaulton, Glenn Blackwood, Gary Corbett, and Rebecca Franklin
Chair: Susan Drodge

Engagement and Network Leadership for Arctic Development
B1004, Signal Hill Campus
Presenters: Sheila Downer, Kirk Anderson, Caitlyn Baikie (video), and Lars Kullerud (video)
Chair: Julia Christensen

Bridges to Engage: How Organizations and Centres Support Collaboration
B1003, Signal Hill Campus
Presenters: Stephen Bornstein, Barb Neis ("Using Community-Engaged Research to Build Publicly-Engaged Universities: Insights from Memorial’s SafetyNet Centre for Occupational Health and Safety Research"), Colleen Quigley, and Kristine Power
Chair:Bojan Furst

First Steps: How to Start and Maintain a New Public Engagement Initiative
B1013, Signal Hill Campus
Presenters: Andrea Rose, Keira Galway and Barry Roberts (“Building Community and Learning Together: The Making of a Newfoundland and Labrador Choral Federation”), Jennifer Adams (“Thank-you for coming – now feel free to leave!: Using Human-centred Design Methods to Develop a Sense of Place at the Emera Innovation Exchange at MUN’s Signal Hill Campus”), Sean McGrath and Kyla Bruff (For a New Earth: Our Vision and Its History)
Chair: Amy Jones
Coffee Break
10:20am - 10:40am
Breakout Session 2
10:40am - 12:00pm
Choosing Wisely: Working Together Towards a Better Health Care System
B1001, Signal Hill Campus
Presenters: Deborah Kelly, Justin Turner, Patrick Parfrey, and Robert Rogers
Chair: John Abbott

Right in the Middle of Somewhere: Public Engagement in Northern and Remote Regions (Session 2)
B1002, Signal Hill Campus
Presenters: Sarah Minnes and Craig Pollett (“Working Together Towards Sustainable Rural Drinking Water Systems: A Story of Community-University Collaboration”)
Nicolas Durish and Dan Gillis (How Bridging the Digital Divide can Improve Community-Based Monitoring Programs in the Circumpolar North")
Bojan Furst and Ryan Gibson
Chair: Rebecca Cohoe

Perfect Pairings: Social Enterprise and Public Engagement
B1004, Signal Hill Campus
Presenters: Nicole Helwig, Jon Butler, Kim Todd, and Rob McLennan
Chair: Isabelle Dostaler

Creating Something Wonderful: Engaging Through The Arts
B1003, Signal Hill Campus
Presenters: Kristin Harris-Walsh, Donna Ball, Karen Kaeja (video), Julia Taffe, and Anne Troake (video) (Memorial's Dancer-in-Residence), Todd Hennessey (Theatre as Knowledge Translation: medicine and the arts), Yohei Sakai (Queer Choral Singing: Building Community through Music), and Zaren Healy White (Procrastinating a Thesis to Launch an Art Show: Creating Feminisms {Re}Framed)
Chair: Pam Hall

Be our Guest: How to Create Fun and Effective Public Engagement Events
B2007 (a), Signal Hill Campus
Presenters: Mica McCurdy and Anna Smith (#Adulting: Hosting Great Public Events), and Kim Shipp (Fun, Powered by Nature)
Chair: Lynn Squires
Plenary Luncheon*
B2007, Signal Hill Campus 12:15pm - 1:45pm
Speaker: President Natan Obed, Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami*This session will also be webscast
Breakout Session 3
2:00pm - 3:20pm
Setting the Terms: Public Engagement and Social License 
B1004, Signal Hill Campus
Presenters: Michael Benson, Charles Mather, Keith Storey, and Carey Bonnell
Chair: Gillian Savage-Knight
Eyes and Ears: Engaging the Public Through Citizen Science
B2007 (a), Signal Hill Campus
Presenters: Inez Shiwak, Yolanda Wiersma, and Dan Gillis
Chair: Dean Oliver

The Oceans Learning Partnership
B1002, Signal Hill Campus
Presenters: David Tipton, and Laura Estrada (Partnerships and Engagement: A Multi-Stakeholder Initiative to Bring the Ocean to NL Schools)
Chair: Bradley Clarke

Tell me a Story: Using Storytelling and Narrative in Public Engagement (2)
B1003, Signal Hill Campus
Presenters; Valeri Pilgrim and Satria Kusuma (Sharing Cross Cultural Knowledge: Engaging International Students and the Community of Nain, Nunatsiavut), Bahar Haghighat, Leah Lewis, Heather McLeod, Xuemei Li, and Willow Jackson (Community-Based Digital Storytelling: Exploring Immigrant and Refugee Students’ Experiences of Belonging), and Melissa Tremblett ((Re)connect: How Visual Art fostered intergenerational collaboration between an artist and her home community of Sheshatshiu)
Chair: Rebecca Cohoe
Closing Discussion
B2007, Signal Hill Campus 3:30pm - 5:00pm


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