Public Engagement "How-To" Videos

Looking for information about the practise of public engagement? We've drawn on the expertise of Memorial's students, faculty, staff and public partners to create this toolkit.

If you've got an idea for a topic that isn't covered here, please let us know by contacting Rebecca Cohoe at or (709) 864-3739.

Ivan Emke

Overcoming the Academic Divide >>

Do academics and the public speak the same language? Not always! Dr. Ivan Emke and Colleen Kennedy speak about addressing partner needs when communicating public engagement work, and simplifying and streamlining messages to audience-specific environments [ watch ]

Sandra LeFort

Recognizing Public Engagement in Promotion and Tenure >>

Should public engagement be considered as part of the promotion and tenure process? What kind of a measure could be used in assessing PE experience? Dr. Andy Fisher and Dr. Sandra Lefort speak about the challenges of recognizing public engagement activity with the promotion and tenure system. [ watch ]

Marlise Rise

Finding Funding for Public Engagement >>

Public engagement always pays, but sometimes it can also pay for itself! Marlies Rise and Bojan F├╝rst speak about finding and accessing funding for publically engaged university projects [ watch ]


Engaging with Aboriginal Communities >>

There have been a number of truly valuable collaborations between Memorial and Aboriginal communities. Tim McNeill and Dr. Tom Cooper speak about engaging in research with Aboriginal communities [ watch ]

Stephen Bornstein

Building Sustainable Partnerships>>

Partnerships aren't built in a day. Dr. Stephen Bornstein and Kelli O'Brien speak about including public collaborators/stakeholders on your planning team, and how to increase the likelihood of the uptake of results [ watch ]

Trevor Bell

Responding to Community-Identified Needs >>

Communities can be a great source of relevant research ideas. Dr. Trevor Bell and Dr. Bruce Gilbert speak about how universities can respond to community identified needs [ watch ]

Fred Hutton

Working with the Media >>

Public engagement makes for great news stories! Paula Dyke and Fred Hutton speak about how to work with the media on public engagement projects [ watch ]

Kelly Vodden

Building Public Engagement into the Curriculum >>

Students are a major resource for public engagement. Jennifer Browne and Kelly Vodden speak about how to build public engagement into the curriculum of undergraduate and graduate level university courses. [ watch ]