Julie Gosselin

B.A. (Hons), University of Ottawa, Ph.D. (Clinical Psychology) Université de Montréal

Associate Professor; R.Psych

Office: SN3073
Phone: (709) 864-4345
Email: jgosselin@mun.ca
Affiliations: Clinical 


I received my doctorate from the Université de Montréal in 2007 and completed my pre-doctoral internship at The Ottawa Hospital in Ottawa, ON (2006-2007). I practiced as a registered psychologist in Gatineau, Quebec in 2007-2008, and then in Ottawa, Ontario from 2008-2015 where I was a clinical supervisor and internship coordinator (2013-2014) at the Center for Psychological Services and Research (CPSR) and Associate Professor of Clinical Psychology at the School of Psychology at the University of Ottawa. I joined the clinical faculty at Memorial University of Newfoundland in September 2015. I am also a Collection Editor for Momentum Press which focuses on professional training in Clinical Psychology : http://www.momentumpress.net/advanced-search?terms=&tid=191&author=&title=

Research Interests

My research program focuses on two distinct areas of inquiry. First, I have been interested in psychosocial adjustment of individuals (parents, stepparents, and children) to multiple family transitions, as well as the experience of individuals living in what could be described as marginalized family structures, with a special focus on women and motherhood. This line of research is consistent with the research projects I was involved in during my doctoral training. Second, an interest for pedagogy and professional training has led me to develop a secondary pedagogical program of research in the area of clinical supervision in the context of professional training in Clinical Psychology.

Current research projects

First, I am working on the analyses and dissemination of findings related to a province-wide online data collection on the experience of motherhood. This project focused on including biological, adoptive, married, single, separated/divorced/widowed, and step-mothers, and aims to increase our understanding of the motherhood experience through gaining knowledge of the impact of psychological distress, sense of parental competence, dyadic adjustment, social support, access to key social services, satisfaction with family life and co-parenting. This project also aims to looks at province-specific issues related to geographic inequalities and access to social and health services.

Second, as a co-investigator on a large SSHRC-funded partnership grant (PI: Marie-Christine Saint-Jacques, Université Laval), I am collaborating with Canadian and European colleagues from a variety of disciplines in the analysis of the first wave of a large prospective longitudinal data collection on the experience of family transitions, which is taking place in Quebec as of 2017. This data collection includes both parents, children and stepparents, and features a mixed-methods approach.

Finally, I am preparing the dissemination of findings related to a research project focused on the clinical supervision training provided in the context of graduate training in Clinical Psychology. In collaboration with CPSR at the University of Ottawa, graduate students, pre-doctoral interns and clinical supervisors are participating in a longitudinal multi-perspective mixed study that is interested in predicting the development of clinical supervision competencies based on didactic vs. experiential training, the quality of the supervisory alliance, and the graduate student own perception of their developing skills.

Selected publications

Hadfield, K., Amos, M., Ungar, M., Gosselin, J., & Ganong, L. (in press). Do changes to family structure affect child and family outcomes? A systematic review of the instability hypothesis, Journal of Family Therapy & Review, 46 pages.

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Gosselin, J., Vandette, M.-P., Valiquette-Tessier, S.-C. & Gosselin, N. (2018). Raising children in heterosexual and same-sex families: French-Canadian women’s shared maternal experiences, Journal of Divorce and Remarriage, 59 (7), 555-573.

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