Student Experience

What does the student experience look like at Memorial?

From the moment a student becomes a member of the Memorial community, there are dedicated resources that support and enrich the undergraduate and graduate experience available both online and on campus. Students have the opportunity to participate in orientation programs, to make a difference through leadership development and service learning, to explore career options, and to support the communities Memorial is situated in through public engagement activities.

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Current students 

Memorial has a suite of services and programming aimed at helping students ensure a smooth transition into their studies, and to ensure they feel safe and secure while they're here. From Academic Advising services that help students ensure they're selecting appropriate courses, to airport greeters for international students arriving from distant hometowns, Memorial works to ensure students are empowered to thrive during their postsecondary studies.

The Blundon Centre on St. John's Campus is an example of how Memorial helps empower students to succeed. The Centre supports all students who experience barriers to accessing post-secondary education. Some students come to Memorial having received academic accommodations or supports in high school. Others look for ways to reduce barriers related to mobility, ways of learning, vision and hearing, mental health and wellness, and temporary or chronic illnesses or injuries once they arrive. Either way, student learning accessibility advisors help students develop plans to ensure positive learning experiences at Memorial. This recent video describes how the Centre can support the student journey:

Below is a sampling of student resources available by campus: 

Student Life (St. John's Campus)

Grenfell Campus Student Services

  • academic help in math and writing with professional staff in the Learning Centre
  • peer mentoring and supplemental instruction with peers who have previously completed a course
  • Accessibility Centre and Education Support (ACES) which helps provide services to students with disabilities or who require special accommodations for tests and exams
  • health clinic that includes counselling services (with a registered psychologist), physician services, physiotherapy, massage therapy, and much more 
  • international and Indigenous student support
  • peer support programs that include Steps to Success (for academic support), Grenfell Mentors (for international and Canadian students to work with each other), and an indigenous peer mentoring program
  • competitive sports, which include basketball, volleyball, and more
  • wellness activities and programming, including Mental Health First Aid, ski trips, yoga, and much more 
  • a food bank
  • for residence students, a Brightspace shell that offers important information on topics such as mental health support, sexual harassment, and inclusivity

Student Affairs, Marine Institute

What supports are in place for students?

There are numerous supports in place to enable students’ personal and professional growth.

Supports available by student location

On campus (Residence)

Distance students

Diversity, equity, and inclusion

  • Internationalization Office
    • Services offered to international students at Memorial range from airport pickup upon arrival to immigration workshops for those looking to settle here, post-graduation. 

Student Life Portfolio, St. John's Campus

  • The Student Life Portfolio has 5 strategic goals, articulated below: 
    • "Guided by our mission, the university’s strategic frameworks and contemporary research and practice in our profession, Student Life will shape student learning by focusing our programs and initiatives around the five elements of personal and intellectual well-being that empower students to thrive. Throughout our work we seek to cultivate:

The 5 goals of student experience are engaged learning, diverse citizenship, social connectedness, positive perspective and academic determination.

  • Engaged Learning – students who are energized and invested in their learning;
  • Academic Determination – students who are confident in their ability to apply their strengths towards personal and academic goals;
  • Positive Perspective – students who are hopeful about their future and confident in their capacity to learn from challenges;
  • Social Connectedness – students who have friendships and relationships that foster community and sense of belonging;
  • Diverse Citizenship – students who are motivated to be instruments of positive change in their communities and are open to differences in others.
  • Strategic priorities 
    • Priority #1 - Develop and implement a multi-year student experience map.
    • Priority #2 - Create and catalogue a series of educational seminars & workshops.
    • Priority #3 - Cultivate a sense of university pride and spirit.
    • Priority #4 - Focus on an appreciative and strengths-based approach to learning experiences and interactions with students.
    • Priority #5 - Integrate principles of equity and social justice throughout Student Life learning experiences and initiatives.
    • Priority #6 - Foster a culture of research, assessment and strategic planning.

Resources for students

Undergraduate students

  • Navigate app

Graduate students

Health and Wellness

Becoming alumni

Once students graduate from Memorial, they become alumni and have opportunities to interact with the university in new ways:

A flow chart shows how students become alumni and details aspects of information, engagement, investment, and involvement.

For more information about how alumni remain involved with the university after graduation, click here: 


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