Requisitions and Ordering

Printing Requisitions

New Requisition Submission Procedure

We no longer provide paper printing requisitions. Please download and print the blank requisition form from the link below, fill it out (please remember to include full FOAPAL information and all required signatures), then either send a copy to Print and Mail Services with any other materials you may be submitting OR use the scan-to-email function (available on most Xerox WorkCentre multifunction units) to email it to

Print and Mail Requisition (PDF format, last modified September 20, 2022)

File Submission

Submitting Files via Web Browser

If you are on a computer within the University network, you can use our browser-based file submission tool. You will find a link to that at the bottom of this page under Related Content.

Submitting Files via FTP

We offer a password-protected FTP server for our clients. Private accounts are available and are generally distributed on a departmental basis. Individual accounts may also be created depending on the specific security requirements.

Online Ordering

What is Print and Mail Services Online?

Print and Mail Services Online is Print and Mail Services' online store.

What does Print and Mail Services Online allow me to do?

Print and Mail Services Online allows you to order a variety of printed materials. You choose what you want to order, personalize it where applicable, and view a proof right on your screen. You can also re-order items quickly and easily.

The system will allow you to order standard Memorial and Marine Institute business cards, letterhead and #10 envelopes with more products to be offered in the future. We welcome requests from departments who would like to see specific materials made available for ordering through Print and Mail Services Online, like department-specific business cards, forms or certificates just to name a few examples. If you have such a request, please let one of our customer service representatives know and we will work with you to make it happen.

What do I need to use Print and Mail Services Online?

Print and Mail Services Online can be accessed from any computer connected to the Memorial University network that is equipped with a web browser, Java and PDF viewer. Before you can use it, Print and Mail Services must set up user and supervisor accounts and enter your department's address and billing information. We offer a short training session at the Print and Mail Services building to familiarize you with the service and answer any questions that may arise.

There are also online tutorials available which will walk you through Print and Mail Services Online's job ordering, tracking and approval processes. Please see the Tutorials and Guides section to view them.

How do I get set up with a Print and Mail Services Online account?

There are two main things we need to set you up with a Print and Mail Services Online account. They are:

  1. A list of people who will be using the system and their contact information. There are two types of people in Print and Mail Services Online: supervisors and users. Users do not have signing authority - they can place orders, but the order must be approved by a supervisor before the order goes through to Print and Mail Services for processing. A supervisor is someone with signing authority and so can approve orders. They can also place orders which come straight through to us for processing. Every user needs at least one associated supervisor to approve their orders.

  2. A list of the FOAPAL numbers that you use to order printing as well as short descriptions. We put these FOAPAL numbers and descriptions into Print and Mail Services Online and you select the correct one from a drop-down list when you place an order. Different people in your department can have access to different sets of FOAPAL numbers if you prefer.

Please note: We can change/add/remove users or FOAPAL numbers for you at any time.

For more information or to request an FTP or Print and Mail Services Online account, please contact Jason Tucker at 864-8261 or