President's Report 1996-1997

Survey gave Memorial high marks

Memorial University is well-run, provides good value for the money invested, and generates quality graduates as well as research and development that is critical to the economic and cultural development of Newfoundland and Labrador. These were the gene ral findings of a province-wide poll conducted by Omnifacts Research, a local surveying and market research company during the week of Jan. 20, 1997. The survey is part of a larger community Relations Study being undertaken by the university.

In terms of the quality of education at Memorial University, about 80 per cent of respondents said they thought a degree from Memorial was as valuable as a degree from other Canadian universities. More than 90 per cent indicated that Memorial was their university of first choice. When asked to rate the quality of a Memorial University education as compared to the quality of education offered at other Canadian universities, survey respondents ranked Memorial approximately eight on a scale from one to 10 (where a rating of one is poor, and 10 is excellent).