President's Report 1996-1997

Electronic Classroom officially opened

Dr. Jaap Tuinman, vice-president (academic), and Jane Foltz, former associate vice-president (academic), cut the ribbon at a Dec. 11 ceremony to officially open the new Electronic Classroom in the Engineering Building.

Known as EN1000, this classroom features 25 Pentium-based personal computers that can accommodate up to 50 students, fast Internet access, a wide range of software, and a graphics camera. It also features the Robotel video linking system, which facilitates student-instructor interaction and allows the instructor to view the monitor of any student in the class and take control of the student's mouse or keyboard. Instructors can also use the Robotel as a projection system, broadcasting their own computer screen on to those of all the stud ents.

The Electronic Classroom is a regular lecture room, not a laboratory. It can be booked by any instructor through the Office of the Registrar. Technical support is available to provide training sessions for the equipment in EN1000.