President's Report 1996-1997

Message from the President

I am pleased to present a report on the activities of Memorial University for 1996-97.

In perusing this document you will find that Memorial has many faces and many roles within our community - professors teaching, scholars researching, students learning, athletes competing, support staff assisting, employees and students volunteering, a lumni achieving, and donors supporting. All of these facets combine to form Memorial's increasing contributions to our province, our country and our international community.

This annual report is just one of the many ways the university accounts to you - our funders, benefactors and friends - for your generous support and involvement. Through the Board of Regents, our governing body of community representatives and student s , the university is directly accountable to the provincial government for all operations. Through the Senate, our council of faculty and students, the university is accountable for the quality of our academic programs. Through communications about our a ctivities - most recently via the World Wide Web - the university is accountable to our many stakeholders.

In addition to highlighting major issues and significant achievements this year, this report also includes an expanded financial section that provides more detail on how Memorial uses its resources, and a new section on our major fundraising initiative , The Opportunity Fund, launched in March 1997. Throughout this report we have tried to highlight how The Opportunity Fund will contribute to life at Memorial, whether it be through new facilities or through the addition of new scholarships and res earch initiatives.

In closing, I must note that the accomplishments listed in this report are, of course, the results of the efforts of a large number of people. While we can't list every single achievement or person, this year we have decided to add a Leadership sectio n to recognize the vital importance of strong leaders with vision. This section lists some of the dedicated people who have led the faculty, staff and students of Memorial through such a successful year.

Dr. A.W. May, OC
President and Vice-Chancellor