Law and Society Major & Minor

Laws are fundamental to any successful society. Throughout history, as communities and countries have struggled to create and nurture robust economies and higher standards of living for their citizens, social and legal institutions have been essential to their efforts. Law and Society is the study of how legal and social systems are interconnected, how people live and how law is woven into communities. Students gain an understanding of what happens when legal innovations and institutions succeed and when they fail.


This inter-disciplinary program is offered to candidates for the Degree of Bachelor of Arts. It is offered in conjunction with a major or a minor in a single discipline. In order to be awarded a B.A. with a Major or Minor in Law and Society, candidates must complete all the requirements of the B. A. (see Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences – Degree Regulations in the MUN Calendar).

Students with questions about academic advising in the Law and Society Program should contact – the Senior Academic Advisor in the faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. Information on declaring a program of study in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences is available on the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences iDeclare page.

As is the case with any inter-disciplinary program, it will be the students’ responsibility to ensure that they have the necessary prerequisites to complete the program.


Students are invited to contact the Undergraduate Liaison. Please see for current contact information.