Mehmet Efe Caman

Visiting Assistant Professor

SN 2037

Department of Political Science, Science Building
Memorial University of Newfoundland
St. John's, NL A1B 3X9 Canada

Telephone: (709) 864-8188
Email: mecaman[at]mun[dot]ca


BA, MA, PhD (University of Augsburg)

Areas for Student Research Supervision

  • Democracy, democratization, human rights
  • Turkish politics
  • Middle East politics
  • Post-Soviet regions, Caucasus and Central Asia

Examples of Recent Courses Taught

2019      2300 Comparative Politics (spring)
2019      4370 Democracy and Democratization (winter)
2019      2300 Comparative Politics (winter)
2019      1001 Critical Reading and Writing in Political Science (winter)
2019      6300 Comparative Politics (fall)
2019      3300 European Politics (fall)
2019      2300 Comparative Politics (fall)
2018      2300 Comparative Politics (fall)
2018      3300 European Politics (fall)
2018      6300 Comparative Politics (fall)
2018      2200 Introduction to International Politics (spring)
2018      1000 Introduction to Politics and Government (spring)
2018      4250 European Union (MUN, fall 2016-2017, fall)
2017      4370 Democracy and Democratization (fall)
2017      3230 International Organizations (fall)
2017      3033 Introduction to Politics and Government (winter)
2017      2098 Creative Reading and Writing in Political Science (winter)
2016      3010 Empirical Methods in Political Science (fall)
2016      6010 Political Science Methods (winter)
2016      4370 Democracy and Democratization (fall 2016)


Dr. Caman earned his B.A. - M.A. and obtained his Ph.D. at Augsburg University in Germany. He focuses on democratization and human rights as well as on Turkish politics in comparative politics and international politics contexts. He is broadly interested in democratic decay, current human rights issues in Turkey and political justification mechanisms of authoritarian regimes. Dr. Caman has published a monograph on Turkish foreign policy, numerous book chapters and scholarly articles in English, German and Turkish about topics related to his research areas. His recent research investigated why the Turkish opposition accepted the regime’s discourse in the process of democratic decay. He taught in Germany (2005-2006) before he went to Turkey where he worked several years as a professor, and also served as department head and dean. He has been teaching at MUN Political Science Department since August 2015.


2018 Caman, M. E., “Ideational-identitarian Discourses in ‘Missions’ as a Source of Legitimation Strategy in the Reverse Democratization Process of Turkey”, Paper Presented on: Atlantic Provinces Political Science Association, St. John’s, October 2018, (to be published in 2019).

2018 Caman, M. E., (with Ihsan Yilmaz and Savas Genc), “Transnational Islamist Movement of Erdogan and Turkey’s Diaspora Policies: Diyanet’s Engagement in Turkish Diaspora’s Life” (to be published in 2018).

2015 Caman, M. E., “Ideological Reasons of the Geopolitical Conflict between Turkey and Russia on the Case Syria”, in: Baris Arastirmalari ve Catisma Cozumleri Dergisi, Volume 3/2, s. 64-99 (2015).

2014 Caman, M. E., (with Dagci, K) “Islam, Political System and Radicalism in Uzbekistan”, in: Yalova Universitesi Sosyal Bilimler Enstitüsü Dergisi, 5/8, (2014).

2013 Caman, M. E., “Kitlesel Şiddete–Savaşa Bir Eleştiri Denemesi: Savaşın Teorik Konsepti ve Devlet Tekelinden Çıkan Çatışma Davranışı”, (A Critique Attempt on Mass Violence and War. The Theoretical Concept of War and Conflict-Behavior beyond the State Control), in: Baris Arastirmalari ve Catisma Cuzumleri Dergisi, Volume 1/1, s. 3-20 (2013).

2013 Caman, M. E. (with Dagci, K.) “The European Union’s Foreign Policy toward Central Asia in Consideration of Energy Policies and Energy Security, Orta Asya ve Kafkasya Arastirmalari, Volume 8/16, p. 21-48, (2013).

2013 Caman, M. E. (with Dagci, K.) “Iran’s Nuclear Program and Turkey: Changing Perceptions, Interests and Need for Revision”, Alternatives, Volume 2/12, p. 1-14, (2013).

2013 Caman, M. E., “Üçüncü on yılında Türkiye’nin Orta Asya Bölgesel Politikası: Sübjectif Algılardan Gerçeklere”, (Turkey’s Central Asia Policy in the Third Decade. From Subjective Perceptions to Reality), in: Demirtepe, Turgut & Guner Ozkan (Ed.), Uluslararasi Sistemde Orta Asya, (Central Asia in International System), USAK Publications, p. 21-55, Ankara (2013).

2011 Caman, M. E., (with Akyurt, M. ) “Caucasus and Central Asia in Turkish Foreign Policy: The Time Has Come for a New Regional Policy”, in: Alternatives, Volume 10/2-3, p. 67-86, (2011).

2010 Caman, M. E., (with Dagci, K. & Akyurt, M.) “Yemen: Yeni Afganistan mi?” (Yemen: New Afghanistan?), in: Kemal Inat & Burhanettin Duran- Muhittin Ataman (Ed.), Global Conflicts, Conflict Regions and Topics, Volume 1, p. 337 – 354, Istanbul (2010).

2009 Caman, M. E., (with Aras, B. & Dagci, K.) “Turkey's New Activism in Asia”, in: Alternatives, Volume 8/2, p. 24-39, (2009).

2009 Caman, M. E., “Turkish Regional Policy in Caucasus and Central Asia between Alternative and Adaption”, in: Erol, Mehmet Seyfettin (Ed.), Shift in Eurasian Geopolitics, p. 261 – 298, Ankara (2009).

2007 Caman, M. E., “Perceptions, Interests and Expectations in the Turkish-EU Relations. Mismatch or Harmony?, in: Dagci, Kenan / Dagci, Tuba (Ed.), Rethinking Turkish-EU Relations, p. 135–173, ISBN 978-3-86582-443-1, Munster, (2007).

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2006 Caman, M. E., “Uluslararası ilişkilerde (neo) realist paradigmanın Almanya’daki gelişimi ve evrimi: Kindermann ve Münih okulu”, (Genesis and Evolution of the Neo-Realist Paradigm in Germany. Kindermann and the Munich School), in: Uluslararasi Hukuk ve Politika, Volume 2/8, p. 36–52 (2006).

2006 Caman, M. E., “Turkei Quo Vadis? Determinanten turkischer Aussenpolitik in Europa und Asien” (Turkey Quo Vadis? Determinants of Turkish Foreign Policy in Europe and Asia), in: Zeitschrift fuer Politik, Volume 4/53, p. 411–437 (2006).

2006 Caman, M. E., “Turkische Aussenpolitik zwischen EU-Integration und Regionaler Politik“ (Turkish Foreign Policy between EU-Integration and Regional Policy), in: Sudosteuropa Mitteilungen, Volume 3/46, p. 16-31 (2006).

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2006 Caman, M. E., (Authors: Gieler, Wolfgang & Cernicky, Jan), Translation from German, “Uluslararası Bir Aktör Olarak Avrupa Birliği’nin Afrika’daki Varlığı ve Beklentileri”, (Existence and Expectations of the European Union as an Actor in Africa), in: Sandikli, Atilla & Dagci, Kenan (ed.), Büyük Orta Dogu Projesi. Yeni Olusumlar ve Degisen Dengeler, Istanbul, (2006).

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Conference papers and public presentations:

2018 Caman, M. E., “Ideational-identitarian Discourses in ‘Missions’ as a Source of Legitimation Strategy in the Reverse Democratization Process of Turkey”, Atlantic Provinces Political Science Association, St. John’s, October 2018.

2016 Caman, M. E. “Turkey in the Refugee Crisis”, New Dimensions of the Refugee Crisis, Memorial University of Newfoundland, 11 March (2016).

2015 Caman, M. E. “About Homeland and Nation in Turkey before and after the Battle of Gallipoli”, Before Beaumont Hamel, there was Gallipoli: A Symposium on the Gallipoli campaign from Newfoundland and Turkish Perspectives”, Memorial University of Newfoundland, 14 November (2015).

2013 Caman, M. E. “The Role and Function of the Political Advisors of Foreign Ministers and Turkish Foreign Policy”, Istanbul Technical University, 10 April (2013).

2012 Caman, M. E. (with Dagci, K.) “Image of Turkey in the European Union – Turkey Relations: European Identity and the Problem of Turkey’s Belongings to Europe”, 10. International Conference on Knowledge, Economy and Management, 8-10 November (2012).

2012 Caman, M. E. (with Dagci, K.) “Conflict Resolution Approaches: Negotiation and Mediation”, 10. International Conference on Knowledge, Economy and Management, 8-10 November (2012).

2012 Caman, M. E., (with Dagci, K.) “Russian Federation’s Perception of Post-Soviet Regions: Eurasian Strategy and the Russian Foreign Policy”, Blue Black Sea International Congress, 15 – 17 October, (2012).

2010 Caman, M. E., “Kyrgyzstan Dilemma: Post-Soviet Black Hole of Central Asia”, International Workshop on Peace and Stability in Kyrgyzstan, 15th December, (2010).

2010 Caman, M. E., “Turkish Foreign Policy towards Middle Asia and Caucasus”, International Scientific Conference – Actual Problems of Studying Contemporary Turkey, Nizhniy Novgorod State University – National Research University [NNSU], Russia), 20–22 April (2010).

2009 Caman, M. E. “European Union’s Middle East Policy”, Conference on the Middle East, Kadir Has University, 20 March (2009).

2008 Caman, M. E., “Caucasus and Central Asia in Turkish Foreign Policy”, Isik University International Relations and Turkish Foreign Policy Symposium, 14 May (2008).

2006 Caman, M. E., “The Relations of Reality and Aims with Perceptions in the Process of Foreign Policy Making: A Contribution to the Analyzes of Turkey’s Caucasus and Central Asia Regional Politics”, Social, Political and Economic Transition in the Turkic Republics of the Caucasus and Central Asia Following the Disintegration of the Soviet Union. International Congress, s. 814–823 18–21 September (2006).

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