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Space Leasing

Approval Date: 0000-00-00

Effective Date: 2009-04-13

Review Date: 2021-05-01


The Vice-President (Administration and Finance) through the Director of Facilities Management (FM)


To define authority and establish procedures for the procurement of space through external property leasing.


University wide and applies to leasing of space not owned by Memorial University.


The Board of Regents approves any space lease in excess of 12 months or where the value is within public tender thresholds.

2.    The Manager of Space Planning and Administration, FM in consultation with the Vice-Presidents' Space Committee determines whether suitable space is available on campus to fit the requirements of the requesting department or that external space is required.

3.    Where a requirement for external space has been recommended by the Vice Presidents' Space Committee, the Procurement Officer, FM ensures that proper procedures are observed for the lease of such space

4.    The requesting department is responsible for all cost incurred in obtaining the property such as advertising, consultants, etc.

5.    The requesting department is responsible for all operating costs associated with the leased properties including maintenance, utilities, insurance, etc.

6.    All space requirements over 30 days' duration, including extensions of leases beyond the 30-day threshold, must be co-ordinated through the Department of FM.

7.    For leases of less than 12 months, where the term value is in excess of $500.00 but less than the public tender threshold, University Purchasing Policy applies as it relates to the acquisition of supplier quotations.

8.    For leases in excess of 12 months, or where the term value is in excess of public tender thresholds or where a lease has initially been issued as per 7 above and that space has been determined to be an ongoing requirement beyond the initial twelve-month period, acquisition will be made through the public tender process.

9.    A lease contract stating the terms and conditions of the lease will be required regardless of the length of the term or dollar value.  Where the lease term is in excess of 30 days, documents must be executed through the Department of FM.  Failure to provide such a contract will render the lease null and void.

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For inquiries related to this policy:

Department of Facilities Management:  709-864-4419

Sponsor: Vice-President (Administration & Finance)

Category: Operations

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Approval Date 0000-00-00   Effective Date 0000-00-00

Procedure for Proposal Call for Leased Space

Approval Date: N/A

Responsible Unit: Department of Facilities Management

1. When a University Department identifies a need for additional space, the Dean or Director should follow the steps outlined in the Procedure for Requesting Additional Space for New Activities.

2. In accordance with that Procedure, once it has been determined that leasing of external space is required, the Vice-President's Space Committee will advise the Dean or Director of that outcome.

3. The Dean or Director should contact the Procurement Officer who will review the request and advise on whether a tender or a proposal call for external space is required.

4. Depending on the nature of the space required, specifications may take substantial time to develop. Adequate notice must be provided to ensure needs may be met.

5. The Procurement Officer will complete or arrange for the completion of space architectural specifications in conjunction with Facilities Engineering and Development of FM and/or outside consultants.

6. Where it has been determined by the Procurement Officer and the requesting section that the term cost will be less than the public tender threshold, the Procurement Officer will:

a. review the requirements of the request and prepare the specifications for a proposal call.

b. compile a general specification information package in conjunction with Facilities Engineering and Development and/or outside consultants for all proposals.

7. All tendering actions will be in accordance with limitations set out in the Public Tender Act. If it is deemed that the estimated term cost will be in excess of public tender thresholds or the space is required in excess of 12 months duration, the space will be obtained through the public tender process.

8. Tender specifications for leased space will require a minimum of a three- and a maximum of a five-year term unless particulars of a given request dictate that a lesser period is necessary (for example, short-term requirements).

9. All tender calls for leased space will specify a cancellation notice clause with a time period to be determined in conjunction with the requesting department. Cancellation notice will be no less than 90 days and no more than six months.

10. In accordance with the Public Tender Act, a tender opening will be held and the minutes, along with the price quotes, will be forwarded to the Procurement Officer.

11. The Procurement Officer will review the price quotes with the requestor or designate and/or consultant and make a recommendation for the award of the tender / proposal.

Procedure for Requesting Additional Space for New Activities

Approval Date: 2016-12-06

Responsible Unit: Department of Facilities Management

1. All requests for space required for new activities should first be dealt with by the unit from within their current space allocation. Requests for additional space from departmentalized units should be forwarded to the Dean or Director of the unit. Normally, these requests shall be reviewed within the context of the unit's plans and priorities. Those requests that are supported by the Dean or Director shall be forwarded to the Vice-President's Space Committee for consideration.

2. Space requirements associated with research proposals to external agencies such as the NSERC, SSHRCC, CIHR, Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI), Canada Research Chair (CRC), Atlantic Innovation Fund (AIF), etc. should be discussed with the respective Dean or Director who will make a proposal to the Vice-Presidents' Space Committee prior to the submission for funding.

3. Only after all possibilities have been explored, and there is no other alternative to resolve the need within the unit's present space allocation, should the Vice-President's Space Committee be approached to provide additional space. To establish such a position, all units should research all possibilities including relocation of the staff, alterations to the existing layout within the assigned space to maximize utilization or to reorganize existing space use, if possible. For professional guidance and advice, the Manager of Space Planning and Administration from the Department of Facilities Management should be consulted.

4. To ensure administrative procedures are adhered to and all pertinent information is included in the request the Request For Allocation of Additional Space form should be completed and submitted with all requests. Requestors should document on this form all measures taken to resolve the space matter within the unit.

5. Each request should include:

6. The Vice-Presidents' Space Committee will consider the proposal in terms of the University's priorities, goals and objectives, feasibility, reasonableness and availability of funds. It may combine proposals or revise previously-approved proposals if efficiencies can be gained in doing so. The Committee will consult, where necessary and will consider any concerns or objections raised by the parties relating to the proposed reallocation.

7. If the Committee can resolve the space needs articulated in the proposal, it will rule on the proposal and act on its decision.

8. If the Committee cannot resolve the space needs articulated in the proposal, it will refer the proposal to the Vice-Presidents for their consideration and decision.

9. Leasing of external space is seen as a last resort to address increased space needs and is only considered after all other options have been pursued, in accordance with the Space Leasing Policy.

Requests for Renovations

For additional details on renovation/alteration projects and contact information, refer to the Capital Projects policy and procedures, and the Department of Facilities Management web page (