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Approval Date: 2023-10-18

Effective Date: 2023-10-18

Review Date: 2027-10-18


The President and Vice-Chancellor: Through the Vice-President (Advancement & External Relations).



To define the authority and rationale and set guidelines to be followed concerning the official displaying of Flags on University property or premises.


Includes the National Flag of Canada, the Provincial Flag of Newfoundland and Labrador, the Flag(s) of Memorial University and such other Flags that may be approved by the University for display at one or more of its official Flag sites. 


Campus — A location of the University formally designated as a campus.

Non-commercial — Not having a commercial objective; not intended to make a profit.

Non-partisan — Not directly affiliated with any political party.

Non-political — Not directly affiliated with any political advocacy group, cause or activity.

Non-religious — Not affiliated with any religious group, cause or activity.

Official Flag Sites — Locations of flag staffs designated as official. As of 2022 at Memorial University, these include: St. John’s Campus (front of Arts and Administration building), Marine Institute (front of the Ridge Road building) and Grenfell Campus (front of the Arts & Sciences building).

Precedence — The order to be ceremonially observed regarding people of different rank, according to an acknowledged or legally determined system; in this case, the University follows the precedence lists set by the Canadian and Newfoundland & Labrador governments.

Registered Charitable Organization — Organizations that are registered by the Government of Canada as charities that have charitable purposes benefitting the community.

Unit Head — Unit Head is the term used to mean Deans, Department Heads, Division Heads, Directors, Executive Directors, University Librarian, University Registrar and other senior administrators of a comparable level; Associate Vice-Presidents, Vice-Presidents, and the President and Vice-Chancellor.

University — Memorial University of Newfoundland.

Visiting Dignitary — A person with high rank or office, who is recognized as having precedence and who is visiting one of Memorial's campuses.


1. In addition to the University’s Flag, Memorial University of Newfoundland displays the Flags of Canada and Newfoundland and Labrador on its official Flag staffs as a mark of respect.

2. Flags on official Flag staffs on the property or premises of Memorial University of Newfoundland are displayed in conformity with provincial and national Flag protocol guidelines and orders of Precedence.

3. The University observes declared provincial and/or national periods of mourning, as well as the deaths of members of the University community, by half-masting all Flags during these periods. More information on the observation of mourning periods and deaths is available in the Procedure for Half-Masting Flags.

4. Other Flags may be displayed upon approval of the University, where sufficient official Flag staffs are available. This may include local Indigenous Flags appropriate to the territory on which a Campus is located, Flags of registered charitable organizations affiliated with the University, Flags of the country of Visiting Dignitaries making official visits to the University, and Flags identified with provincial and/or national periods of recognition and awareness.


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For inquiries related to this policy:

Executive Director of Marketing and Communications, 709-864-8664, 

Sponsor: Vice-President (Advancement & External Relations)

Category: External Relations

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Approval Date 2017-12-07   Effective Date 2017-12-07
Approval Date 0000-00-00   Effective Date 2013-04-09
Approval Date 0000-00-00   Effective Date 1999-10-01

Procedure for half-masting Flags

Approval Date: 2017-12-07

Responsible Unit: Division of Marketing and Communications

1. The official Flag sites of the University that carry Canadian, provincial and University Flags are:

a. at the St. John's campus, front of the Arts & Administration Building, Elizabeth Avenue;
b. at the Grenfell Campus, main entrance in front of Arts and Science Building; and
c. at the Marine Institute, main entrance, Ridge Road.

2. Flags at the University’s official Flags sites at all campuses will be displayed at half-mast as a mark of respect upon the death of a member of the University community, as follows:

a. serving members of faculty, staff and Board of Regents;
b. current students;
c. honorary graduates;
d. retirees of Memorial University;
e. former chancellors, Board of Regents chairs, presidents.

3. Flags at the University’s official Flags sites at all campuses will be displayed at half-mast as a mark of respect, as instructed by the President and Vice-Chancellor or the Executive Director of Marketing and Communications, such as:

a. death of provincial and national personages (follow provincial and/or national government period of mourning);
b. annual provincial and national commemorative occasions that have particular relevance to Memorial University;
c. Canadian military personnel who die in action: Memorial honours their memory during the Ceremony of Remembrance each November and by laying wreaths at war memorials on July 1, November 11, and other occasions. (Flags are not normally half- masted in respect of individual military person’s deaths.)



University personage

Flags recognition

Chancellor; Chair, Board of Regents;
or President and Vice-Chancellor

Three consecutive days, sunrise to sunset on the day of the funeral or memorial service

Former Chancellor; former Chair, Board of Regents,
and former President and Vice- Chancell
or/President Emeritus

Sunrise to sunset on the day of the funeral or memorial service


During funeral or memorial service (3 hours)


During funeral or memorial service (3 hours)

Faculty member

During funeral or memorial service (3 hours)

Staff member

During funeral or memorial service (3 hours)


During funeral or memorial service (3 hours)


During funeral or memorial service (3 hours)

Honorary graduate

During funeral or memorial service (3 hours)

 EXAMPLES OF ANNUAL COMMEMORATIVE OCCASIONS WHEN FLAGS                                                                 ARE HALF-MASTED (ALL CAMPUSES)



Flags recognition

April 28

National Day of Mourning for Workers Killed
or Injured in the Workplace

Sunrise to sunset

June 23

National Day of Remembrance for
Victims of Terrorism

Sunrise to sunset

July 1

Memorial Day

Sunrise to noon

Last Sunday                     of September

Police and Peace Officers’ National
Memorial Day

Sunrise to sunset

November 11

Remembrance Day

Sunrise to sunset


4. Unit heads are responsible to notify the Executive Director of Marketing and Communications of a death as per section 2, providing relevant details via an online form as soon as notice of a death has been received. The required information must be submitted at least one business day prior to a funeral/memorial service so that appropriate action may be taken.

5. The Executive Director of Marketing and Communications effects the half-masting of University Flags by contacting the respective campuses to take appropriate action.

6. Flags shall be kept by Campus Enforcement and Patrol (CEP) and the Manager of Facilities, Fisheries and Marine Institute, of Memorial University.


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