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Memorial University of Newfoundland

  Memorial University of Newfoundland

Retirement Recognition

Approval Date: 0000-00-00

Effective Date: 0000-00-00

Review Date: 2021-05-01


The President through the Director of Human Resources


To recognize and reward the service of employees at retirement through a uniform and consistent recognition program.


All employees who retire in accordance with the Memorial University Pensions Act (1990).


Retiring employees are recognized for their service to the University. The Department of Human Resources provides a monetary contribution on behalf of the University, for an appropriate retirement gift. The contribution will not exceed the following:

These funds are released upon formal request from the employee's unit head to the Director of Human Resources.  No other University funds may be used to supplement these amounts. Any cost in excess of these amounts must be the responsibility of those organizing the retirement function.

Retirement functions are normally planned and organized by the retiring employee's unit.

A retirement certificate signed by the President recognizing the total years of service is provided to the unit by the Department of Human Resources for presentation to the employee.

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For inquiries related to this policy:

Department of Human Resources 709-864-2434

Sponsor: Vice-President (Administration & Finance)

Category: People Resources