Research Projects

The MTS Clinic is committed to leadership in innovative pharmacy practice and is studying ways that pharmacists can contribute optimally to support positive patient health outcomes. We are involved in a variety of evaluation activities and research projects described below. 


Research Team

Funding Source



Efficacy and Cost Effectiveness of Smoking Cessation Program

Dr. Leslie Phillips, Dr. Terri Genge, Dr. Joy Maddigan, Ms. Bernie Squires, Dr. Hai Nguyen, Dr. Cathy Balsom, Ms. Bernie Squires, Ms. Gail Myers, Ms. Beulah Jesso

Department of Children Seniors and Social Development, Government of Newfoundland and Labrador; NL SUPPORT Allied Health Professional Led Research Grant

An RCT design was developed to evaluate a short and long version of the current smoking cessation program offered through the MTS clinic, comparing both to a control group representing independent quit attempts. The goal of the project is to determine if a more abbreviated program – which is more suitable to be implemented in the community pharmacy setting – is successful and cost effective in helping people quit smoking.

Ongoing (Anticipated completion June 2021)

Optimizing medication therapy outcomes for high risk patients transitioning from acute to primary care

Dr. Debbie Kelly, Dr. Lisa Bishop, Dr. Cathy Balsom, Dr. Jason Kielly Dr. Hai Nguyen, Dr. Jatin Morkar, Ms. Gerri Thompson, Ms. Nicole Pittman

NL SUPPORT Patient Oriented Grant

This project aims to address the gap in care during transitions. It is reported up to one third of emergency room visits and hospital readmissions within 30 days of discharge are drug related. To address this, patients recently discharged from hospital are seen by a clinic pharmacist within 1 week of discharge to optimize care and prevent any drug related problems.


Impact of a pharmacist administered deprescribing intervention on nursing home residents: a randomized controlled trial

Dr. Cathy Balsom, Dr. Debbie Kelly, Ms. Renee King, Ms. Alison Power, Ms. Nicole Pittman, Ms. Judy O'Keefe

NL SUPPORT Allied Health Professional Led Research Grant

In collaboration with Lawtons Drugs and Eastern Health this project safely decreased the number of unnecessary or potentially harmful medications taken by residents of a long term care facility. Following the medication review and implemented deprescribing focused changes residents, their families, physicians and nursing staff we interviewed to capture their perception and opinions on the medication changes in seniors.


Published Manuscript

Student Learning in an Interprofessional Student-led Smoking Cessation Program

Dr. Leslie Phillips, Dr. Beverly Fitzgerald, Dr. Cathy Balsom, Dr. Linda Hensman, Dr. Debbie Kelly, Dr. Kellie LeDrew, Dr. Stephanie Chesser, Ms. Danielle Stennett

Memorial University Teaching and Learning Framework Fund

This project took a collaborative approach to delivering the existing smoking cessation program through the MTS clinic. Psychiatry residents and pharmacy students co-delivered the program in pairs, allowing them to work on a number of shared, core professional competencies, particularly communication and collaboration. The smoking cessation program is an ideal model for experiential and interprofessional learning that could easily be adapted to include other health professional students.