For Pharmacists

Practice Innovation

The pharmacy profession is at an exciting point – there has been more change in the profession over the past 10 years than in the past several decades combined.

The pharmacist-led MTS Clinic makes optimal use of pharmacists' specialized knowledge in order to improve efficiencies in the health system. While similar models exist across the country at the University of British Columbia and the University of Saskatewan, Memorial's model is unique as it contains a built-in research and incubation centre which will generate evidence to inform policy development and decision-making and assess the value proposition of pharmacy services and expanded scope, as well as the efficacy of innovative pharmacy practice and teaching model.

The MTS Clinic uses a highly collaborative approach with family physicians, pharmacists and other healthcare professions within the patient's circle of care. Our primary focus is our patients' wellbeing.

 Which services will pharmacists provide?

  • Adherence support
  • Managing complex drug interactions
  • Simplifying therapy by suggesting medications that may be discontinued or combined
  • Managing symptoms/conditions which are not optimally controlled, in conjunction with the patient's family physician
  • Medication non-adherence
  • Recommendations to the referring/primary care provider to optimize patients' drug therapy and health outcomes
  • Follow-up with patients as appropriate, to ensure that optimal outcomes are achieved and services are being evaluated and the patients' needs are being met
  • The clinic will NOT provide any dispensing activities or services
  • Clinical pharmacists will have access to comprehensive medical information about their patients, enabling thorough medication therapy assessments
  • Pharmacists will collaborate with patients, physicians, and other pharmacists in the patient's circle of care, as appropriate
  • Mentorship opportunities will exist for practicing pharmacists who wish to spend time with MTS Clinic pharmacists to enhance their own skills and explore innovative practice models

What kind of patients will benefit from the MTS Clinic?

  • Those with complex medication-related needs or multiple chronic medical conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure or cardiac issues
  • Those who are taking multiple (5+) medications or with complex medication regimes
  • Those experiencing or at risk of complex drug interactions
  • Those experiencing adverse effects of medication therapy 
  • Those with multiple medication-related questions or concerns
  • Older patients in particular may benefit from this service

How do patients reach us?

  • Patients will be referred to the clinic by a family physician, pharmacist, or other health professional within their circle of care
  • Patients can avail of in-person consultations, or telephone consultations based on patient and health professional desires, in order to offer services to patients in rural areas of the province


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