Shuttle Schedule

MUN Shuttle Schedule

Memorial University of Newfoundland

Shuttle Bus Schedule


The shuttle will operate on a fixed schedule from Monday to Friday.
May 2, 2022



Departure TimeDeparture LocationArrival TimeArrival Location
07:25 AM Signal Hill Campus 07:35am St. John's Campus
07:38 AM St. John's Campus 07:48 AM Marine Institute
07:50 AM Marine Institute 08:00AM St. John's Campus
08:02 AM St. John's Campus 08:12 AM  Signal Hill Campus
08:14 AM Signal Hill Campus 08:24 AM St. John's Campus
08:26 AM St. John's Campus 08:36 AM Marine Institute
08:38 AM Marine Institute 08:48 AM Ocean Sciences
08:50 AM Ocean Sciences 09:05 am St. John's Campus
09:08 AM St. John's Campus 09:18AM Signal Hill Campus
09:20 AM Signal Hill Campus 09:30 AM St. John's Campus
09:32 AM St. John's Campus  09:42 AM  Signal Hill Campus 
09:44 AM  Signal Hill Campus  09:54 AM St. John's Campus  
10:10 AM St. John's Campus   10:25 AM  Ocean Sciences 
10:27 AM Ocean Sciences 10:42 AM St. John's Campus 
10:44 AM St. John's Campus  10:54 AM Signal Hill Campus
10:56 AM Signal Hill Campus 11:06 AM St. John's Campus 
11:08 AM St. John's Campus  11:18 AM Signal Hill Campus  
11:20 AM  Signal Hill Campus   11:30 AM  St. John's Campus 
12:35 PM St. John's Campus  12:45 PM Signal Hill Campus 
12:47 PM  Signal Hill Campus   12:57 PM  St. John's Campus 
01:00 PM  St. John's Campus  01:10 PM Marine Institute
01:12 PM Marine Institute 01:22 PM St. John's Campus 
01:24 PM St. John's Campus  01:40 PM Ocean Sciences
01:41 PM  Ocean Sciences  01:56 PM St. John's Campus 
02:12 PM St. John's Campus  02:22 PM Signal Hill Campus 
02:24 PM  Signal Hill Campus   02:34 PM St. John's Campus 
02:36 PM St. John's Campus  02:46 PM Signal Hill Campus 
02:48 PM  Signal Hill Campus   02:58 PM St. John's Campus 
03:10 PM  St. John's Campus  03:25 PM Ocean Sciences
03:27 PM  Ocean Sciences 03:42 PM St. John's Campus 
03:44 PM St. John's Campus  03:54 PM Signal Hill Campus 
03:55 PM  Signal Hill Campus  04:05 PM St. John's Campus 
04:22 PM St. John's Campus  04:42 PM Ocean Sciences
04:44 PM Ocean Sciences 05:05 PM St. John's Campus 
05:10 PM St. John's Campus  05:20 PM Marine Institute
05:22 PM  Marine Institute 05:32 PM St. John's Campus 
05:34 PM St. John's Campus  05:44 PM Signal Hill Campus 
05:46 PM  Signal Hill Campus  05:56 PM St. John's Campus 
05:58 PM St. John's Campus  06:10 PM Marine Institute
06:12 PM  Marine Institute 06:22 PM  St. John's Campus 
07:24 PM St. John's Campus  07:34 PM Signal Hill Campus 
07:36 PM  Signal Hill Campus   07:46 PM Dominion (Drop Off) 
07:47 PM  Dominion Lot  08:02 PM Ocean Sciences
08:03 PM  Ocean Sciences 08:18 PM St. John's Campus 
08:20 PM St. John's Campus  08:30 PM Signal Hill Campus 
08:32 PM  Signal Hill Campus  08:40 PM Dominion (Pick up)
08:42 PM  Dominion Lot 08:50 PM Signal Hill Campus 
08:52 PM Signal Hill Campus  09:02 PM St. John's Campus
09:04 PM  St. John's Campus 09:14 PM Marine Institute 
09:16 PM  Marine Institute  09:26 PM St. John's Campus 
10:00 PM St. John's Campus  10:10 PM Signal Hill Campus 
10:12 PM Signal Hill Campus  10:22 PM St. John's Campus 
10:24 PM St. John's Campus  10:34 PM Signal Hill Campus 
10:35 PM  Signal Hill Campus  10:45 PM St. John's Campus 

This shuttle schedule is subject to change at any time.

The shuttle bus schedule and Terms of Use.

There will be no shuttle services on the following holidays in 2022:

  1. New Years Day Monday, January 3
  2. 2 January Holiday Tuesday, January 4
  3. Mid-March Monday, March 14
  4. Good Friday Friday, April 14
  5. Victoria (Commonwealth) Day Monday, May23
  6. Mid-June Monday, June 27
  7. Memorial Day Friday, July 1
  8. Mid-July Monday, Jully 11
  9. Regatta Day Wednesday, August 3
  10. Labour Day Monday, September 5
  11. Thanksgiving Monday, October 10
  12. Remembrance Day Friday, November 11
  13. Christmas Day Monday, December 26
  14. Boxing Day Tuesday, December 2

Specific pick-up/drop-off points for each location:

St. John's Campus - Lot 15, in front of Macpherson College quad

Ocean Sciences - Main Parking Lot

Signal Hill Campus - Emera Innovation Exchange main entrance (graduate student parking lot)

Marine Institute - Ridge Road campus main entrance

Dominion - Grocery Run - Dominion on Lake Avenue (near Quidi Vidi Lake)

Terms of Reference:

The Shuttle bus terms of reference guide the ridership and operations of the shuttle.


Questions and inquires can be directed to