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Current Seals

Babette "Babs" 

Babette is a female. She was wild-caught from the Magdalen Islands on March 2, 1989. Her estimated date of birth is March 1983, making her 31 years old. She is the mother of Deane and other seals previously housed at the OSC (including Jamie & Lenny). Babs is a very special girl. She is the first harp seal in the world to give birth in captivity! You can tell Babs apart by her very distinct harp on her back, a black mask on her face, and a scar on the ventral part of her neck.


Tyler is a male. He was wild-caught as a white coat from the Magdalen Islands in 1990. His estimated date of birth is March 1990 making him 24. He is the father of Deane. Tyler can be identified by his genetic coulour variation known as "smutty". This coloration covers his harp and mask making the typical features of a harp seal difficult to recognize. Smutty coloration is only found in male harp seals and is thought to be a melanistic (darkly pigmented) colour form. Tyler can also be recognized for his loud snorting noises if you come visit him during matine season!



Deane is a female harp seal. Babette and Tyler are her mother and father respectively. Deane was born at the OSC on March 18, 2002, making her 12 years old. Deane can be distinguished by her silvery coat.

Past Seals

Millennium "Lenny" 

Lenny is a male. He is the son of Babette and Tyler and brother of Deane. Lenny was born at OSC on March 8, 2000. Sadly, Lenny passed February 6, 2014 due to unknown causes. He is missed.



Jamie was a male harp seal. He was born March 16, 1994 and passed away October 11, 2013 at the age of 19. Jamie is the son of Babette and his father is unknown. Jamies cause of death is unknown. He is greatly missed.



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