Dr. Amanda Bates

Masters: Simon Fraser University

Doctoral: University of Victoria

Office: OS-3016

Telephone: 864-3124

E-mail: abates@mun.ca

Website: Physiological Diversity Lab

Curriculum vitae

Research Interests:

Changes in biodiversity are underpinned by species-specific physiological responses. However, a lack of accurate and practical tools limit the assessment of how ecological communities will cope with on-going and future global change. The objective of my proposed research program is to quantify biodiversity in time and space, and relate emergent patterns to environmental drivers and physiologicaltolerances of species. Specifically, I will transform physiologicaldata into predictive tools that incorporate both exposure and species’ sensitivities to global change drivers. The overarching goal of my proposed research is to generate novel theories and approaches for managing and conserving marine living resources.

• Predict Biodiversity Change given Explicit Space and Time Scales
• Use Physiological Thresholds to Predict Species-Specific Sensitivities
• Develop Metrics of Community-level Sensitivity to Warming
• Quantify Resilience in Marine Reserves
• Build Globally Comprehensive Data