Marine Education Activity Ideas


There are many interactive activites that can be used to study the marine environment. This compilation of activites can be carried out relatively easily in any classroom. All activity instructions are in PDF format.

Diversity of Living things

The Marine Food Web - (Grades 5-8) - Which animals eat crab? Which animals eat mussels? This activity will cover the topic of predation and the food web relationships between marine organisms.

Guess that animal - (Grades 2-5) - This exercise will help students develop their observational skills and help them learn about sea creatures. Themed pictures can direct discussion towards adaptations of animals.

Seaweed Search - (Grades 2-5) - Students will learn about the many uses of seaweed and how it is in everyday products.

Animal Adaptations - (Grades 5-8) - There are over 20,000 species of fish in the world which are adapted to a variety of habitats. They can be characterized by mouth shape, body shape and colour. Students will learn about how fish are adpated to their environment and get to design one themselves.

Invertebrate Casserole - (Grades 4-6) - Many invertebrates are eaten around the world. This activity will demonstrate the differences between vertebrates and invertebrates, teach basic identification of common marine invertebrates, and help students gain a brief view of the beautiful marine invertebrate world.


Ocean Mural - (Grades K-5) - Students will learn about different types of animals and the habitat they are adapted to by creating a mural of the ocean.

Ocean Secrets - (Grades 5-7) - Where are the tallest mountins and deepest canyons? The answer might surprise you. This activity covers the features of the ocean, including continental shelves, deep ocean plains, trenches, and a mid-ocean ridges.

Human Impacts

Litter and the Ocean - (Grades 5-9) - Ever walk along a beach and see a pop can or some other garbage on the ground? In this activity students will learn about the impact of litter on ocean life.

Oil Spill Clean up - (Grades 7-9) - Oil spills can have major impacts on ocean life, but so can the clean up. In this activity students will get to learn about oil spills, how they are cleaned up and the impact on the environment.

Ocean Market - (Grades 3-5) - Many consumer products come from the ocean. This activity will help students identify some consumer goods that originate from the ocean down to their source.


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