Aquatic Facilities (Animal Husbandry)

User fee schedules established for the use of Tanks for research.

Weekly Rates:

Tank Volume (M3)Number of TanksRates Effective April 1, 2022
0-1 52 $11.00
1-2 3 $15.40
2-4 8 $22.00
4-8 3 $33.00
16-32 1 $71.50
32-64 1 $104.50

Tanks (Animal Husbandry)

The following outlines holding tanks and cold rooms under the auspices of the OSC Research Assistant responsible for animal husbandry and fish health.

Tanks in the common areas include:

  • Annex tank room
  • Basement of main building
  • Ground floor of main building (Romms 105, 107)
  • Back tank room
  • Seal compound
  • Cold Rooms in the basement of main building and Annex building
  • Tanks installed in the visiting researcher laboratory

Animal Husbandry services included in OSC tank charges:

  • Tank checks morning and evening during working hours (Facility Custodians checks during non-work hours);
  • Weekly oxygen Checks;
  • Researcher will be informed of any mortality;
  • Tank set up for new users;
  • General aquarium and plumbing supplies will be provided )air tubing, valves, air stone and diffusers, algae pads, vinyk tubing for water supplies, de-gassers);
  • Maintaining large common net baths; and disinfectants.

Researchers using tanks will be responsible for:

  • Feeding;
  • Removal of dead animals;
  • Daily tank maintenance;
  • Emptying and rough cleaning of tank at the completion of the project;
  • Any special requirements.

Tanks not included are the following:

  • Tanks within the Joe Brown Aquatic Research Building (JBARB). These tanks are under the control of the Manager of JBARB and are charged at rates independent of OSC rates.
  • Water supply systems (fresh and seawater) and tanks within individual research laboratories.
  • Tanks currently in the ourdoor compound. These are currently being used for JBARB related projects and are under the control of the Manager of JBARB.