Q: My computer is acting odd, what can I do about this?


OSCit frequently encounter this question. It is vague and very difficult to respond to this type of query. Your best choice is to document the exact type of problems you are experiencing. Below are some guidelines for you which should make this process easier:


1. What type of computer: Desktop PC/Laptop

2. What Operating system: Microsoft Windows/Apple/Other

3. What version of the operating system (eg. Windows XP)

4. How old is the computer

5. When did the problems start appearing

6. Is the computer slowing down

7. Do you get any error messages (if so write the exact message down)

8. Has anything been installed recently when the problems began

9. Have any peripherals been attached recently

10. Is the computer attached to a UPS (uninterrupted power supply)

11. How do you login to the computer (domain login/standard login)


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