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Prior to using our facilities and services, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with our operating principles and policies.

New Announcement:

New MUN data security policy guidelines and how these impact OSC operations are now available in this FAQ.

Acceptable Use Policy: The Ocean Sciences Centre Information Technology Division, forthwith referred to in this document by the term OSCit, operates under the same policies, principles and practices as the main Memorial University computing authority, the Department of Computing and Communications. We require that all users of our computing facility observe the Computer Use Agreement displayed below:


The central computing facilities at Memorial University of Newfoundland are provided for the use of its students, faculty, and staff in support of learning, teaching, research, and administrative functions. All users are responsible for seeing that these facilities are used in an effective, efficient, ethical and lawful manner.

Acceptance and use of a Memorial University computing or networking account constitutes your agreement with the following.

  1. All access to central computer systems, including the issuing of accounts and passwords, must be approved by the Department of Computing and Communications.

  1. An account assigned to an individual by the Department of Computing and Communications must not be used by others. The account holder is responsible for the proper use of the account, including proper password protection and ensuring that only he/she has access to the account.

  1. Programs and files are confidential unless they have been made available explicitly to other authorized individuals. The Department of Computing and Communications, however, will monitor facilities use to ensure system integrity and system performance. During this process, systems administrators may have access to certain information deemed confidential. Every effort will be made to ensure user privacy.

  1. Abusive, fraudulent, or harassing messages are not to be sent or stored by users. Computer systems are not to be used for games or excessive recreational activities.

  1. Attempts to degrade the performance of a computer system or to deprive others of resources or access to any university computer system are strictly prohibited.

  1. Loopholes in computer security systems or knowledge of a special password should not be used by unauthorized persons. The existence of such loopholes and/or the unauthorized disclosure of special passwords should be reported immediately to the Department of Computing and Communications.

  1. Users must abide by all provisions of software licenses and copyright law. The unauthorized copying, downloading or distribution of copyrighted works, including music, videos, movies, TV shows, performances, computer programs, and literary works via any method, including the internet and other networks, may constitute copyright infringement. Acknowledging that Canadian copyright law authorizes specific exemptions (e.g. the right to copy music for personal use, the restricted right to copy for private study, research, criticism, review, or news reporting), copyright infringement is subject to remedial and disciplinary action by Memorial University, and may be subject to civil or criminal action by the copyright holder.

  1. User files will be removed from the system after the account expires or the user ceases to be affiliated with Memorial University of Newfoundland.

See policy C-5 in the university Policy and Procedures Manual for a more complete description of appropriate use of computing facilities.

Violation of Policy

Offenses will be dealt with in the same manner as violations of other university policies and may result in disciplinary action in accordance with collective agreements, terms and conditions of employment, or the Code of Disciplinary Procedures for Students. In such a review, the full range of disciplinary actions available, including loss of computer privileges for a specified period, dismissal from the University, and legal action may be considered.

Use of the University's central computing facilities constitutes agreement with the above.

Last modified Nov 5, 2004


OSCit limitation of liability and services:


(from MUN policy C-4.2)

Users have the right to expect that their legitimate access to information, their authorized use of university-owned and contracted computer networks, hardware and software ('computing facilities') and their use of any resources connected with their authorized access to services will be protected by the University to a degree that is reasonable and technically feasible. This commitment to service notwithstanding, the University makes no warranty, express or implied, regarding the computing services offered, or their fitness for any particular purpose. Computing facilities will be designed to serve the broad base of users in the community, but cannot be expected to meet every specialized need or support extremely specialized requirements.




OSCit and the OSC reserve the right to change and ammend the policies set forth in this document in accordance with MUN policy and without prior notification. Any policies not explicitly set forth in this document are supplemented by standard Memorial University Policies.



Revised September 14, 2007


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