N2700 - Nursing Theory

Delivery Mode: Web Course
Credits: Three credit hours
Prerequisite: Registered Nurse

Overview: The purpose of this course is for the nurse to develop his or her knowledge of nursing concepts and nursing theories, and his or her skill in using nursing concepts and nursing theories in clinical practice.? The nurse should develop an awareness of his or her own assumptions and values related to nursing, and the fit of these with different nursing theories.

Course Objectives:

Knowledge of Human Being

  • To define and distinguish between concepts, theories used in nursing, nursing theories, models of nursing, grand theories of nursing, middle-range theories, and nursing research.
  • To identify concepts that have importance for nursing, and to be able to identify the concepts in nursing theories.
  • To recognize the four concepts in nursing's metaparadigm (person, environment, health, and nursing) and to describe how different nurse theorists define these concepts.
  • To describe and analyse a sampling of well-known nursing theories, including assumptions, strengths and limitations of each theory.
  • To assess, plan, implement, and evaluate nursing care using different nursing theories.
  • To recognize how concepts and nursing theories may be of use in nurses' clinical practice.
  • To discuss the advantages and disadvantages of nurses in the same work setting practicing by a single nursing theory.
  • To describe the importance of developing knowledge of nursing concepts and theories for nursing research and for nursing practice.

Course Content:?

Unit 1?-?Introduction to Nursing Theory.
Unit 2?-?The Nursing process.
Unit 3?-?Nightingale's Environmental Model.
Unit 4?-?Peplau's Interpersonal Theory.
Unit 5?-?Henderson's Theory.
Unit 6?-?The McGill Model of Nursing.
Unit 7?-?Orem's General Theory of Nursing.
Unit 8?-?Myra Levine's Conservation Model of Nursing.
Unit 9?-?King's Systems Framework and Theory of Goal Attainment.
Unit 10?-?Rogers' Conceptual Model of Nursing.
Unit 11?-?The Roy Adaptation Model.
Unit 12?-?Watson's Philosophy and Science of Caring.
Unit 13?-?Leininger's Theory - Culture Care

Evaluation: To receive credit for N2700, students must achieve a composite grade of 65 per cent.? The course has 2 papers that are written individually, and 3 group assignments.

Individual paper #1 - Paper on nursing concepts and nursing theory(s) used in your workplace.
Individual paper #2 - The usefulness of concepts and nursing theories in clinical practice.
Group Assignments #1, 2, and 3. - Group response to discussion questions.

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