Our Mission, Vision and Values


Four nursing students in FON uniforms (white tops and burgandy pants) care for a mannequin in the nursing simulation room


We will be responsive and engaging leaders in nursing education and research provincially, nationally and internationally by developing quality teaching, learning, and research environments. Our graduates will be skillful, caring, knowledgeable nurses who have a clear vision of the nursing discipline. They will strive for excellence in health care and the health and well-being of individuals, groups and communities, be prepared to collaborate with others, and be responsive to human diversity and equity in an effort to improve health for all.



The Faculty of Nursing provides leadership in teaching and learning in nursing, nursing research, and public engagement with the goal of promoting health and well-being of all individuals, groups and communities.



Excellence. We seek to achieve the highest possible quality in our educational programs and in our teaching, research, service and public engagement.

Innovation. We strive for innovation in teaching, research and public engagement, in order to involve students in learning and to advance knowledge in nursing education, research, and public engagement.

Responsiveness. We respond to the needs of our students and to changes in health care and in society.

Collaboration. We foster effective and dynamic relationships by sharing knowledge and expertise with clients, other health professionals and the community in a spirit of mutual respect to achieve common goals.

Partnerships. We work with our clinical partners and other academic units, to improve our programs and to enhance evidence-based nursing practice.

Collegiality. We strive for collegial relationships among faculty and staff members, students, research investigators, and all health professionals.

Responsibility. We have a responsibility to students, the university, and the community to provide quality programs, to assist the university in attaining its strategic plan, and to be efficient in our operations.

Respect. We create a respectful learning and working environment and demonstrate respect with students, faculty, staff, external partners, and ourselves.