2022 Margaret McLean Lecture in Nursing

Dr. Denise Bryant-Lukosius

The 2022 Margaret McLean Lecture will now be 100 per cent virtual! 

You can join in through the Webex link here at 2:30 pm, Newfoundland time:


Optimizing the Health System Integration of Nurse Practitioners in Canada. Where Do We Go From Here?

Dr. Denise Bryant-Lukosius of McMaster University looks at the timely issue of optimizing integration of nurse practitioners into the health care system in the 2022 Margaret McLean Lecture, Monday, April 11, 2:30 pm. (A reminder that a web link will posted to this site.) 

Dr. Denise Bryant-Lukosius is professor and inaugural holder of the Alba DiCenso Chair in Advanced Practice Nursing (APN), and Co-Director of the Canadian Centre for APN Research in the School of Nursing at McMaster University.

In the School of Nursing she has leadership roles as the Chair of the Graduate Program Curriculum Committee and Deputy Director of the WHO Collaborating Centre in Primary Care Nursing and Nursing Health Human Resources. She is also an Associate Member, Department of Oncology; Scientist, Escarpment Cancer Research Institute; and Clinician Scientist and Director, Canadian Centre of Excellence in Oncology APN at the Juravinski Hospital and Cancer Centre. She is an international leader in APN research, education, mentorship, and knowledge translation.

Writes Dr. Bryant-Lukosius about nurse practitioners and the theme of her lecture:

"For over 60 years nurse practitioners have provided excellent health care for Canadians, often for people with complex health needs in underserved communities. There is overwhelming research evidence that care provided by nurse practitioners results in better patient health outcomes and satisfaction with care, improves access and quality of care, and reduces the use of costly acute health care services. Despite this evidence, the full integration and optimal utilization of nurse practitioners within the Canadian health care system has yet to be achieved.

As Canada emerges from the grips of the COVID-19, the health care system and its weary and declining workforce will be challenged to address the backlog of health needs related to chronic disease prevention and management, surgical procedures, mental health, long-term care, and more. Now is a window of opportunity to further expand the use of nurse practitioners to meet these health care needs. This presentation will summarize the current evidence and outline the strategies needed to improve the health systems integration of nurse practitioners as an essential component of effective, high quality, and sustainable health care in Canada."