Audition Recordings

This recording service is provided to current undergraduate and graduate students only as part of an application for further musical studies or summer program. The service is governed by the following terms and conditions - 

  • No editing is done to musical performances. Each song, movement or work must be performed in a single take as required by most audition processes.
  • We require at least 14 days from last recording, to turn around video projects, and at least 7 days to turn around audio only projects.
  • Materials will be kept on hard disk for one week following delivery of media to you.  If you require longer term storage, use the back up disc option (see form).
  • If material is unusable due to technical issues or malfunction, the student may undertake the process again without additional charge.  This does not cover deficiencies in performance.
  • Pianos are provided in an "as is" condition.  Piano tunings, if required, must be arranged in advance with the Concert and Facilities Coordinator.
  • Any issues, changes or disagreements in services provided must be raised with the Concert and Facilities Coordinator or Music Technologist, not the student assistant producing the recording.  Student assistants are not authorized to approve or perform services beyond those already approved on the request form. 
  • Payment must be received by the Concert and Facilities Coordinator before final media is released to the student.

The application form is available at the link below.  Recording dates are arranged through the Concert and Facilities Coordinator.