Small space with big goals: United Way support helps foster non-traditional learning

Nov 21st, 2014

Michelle Osmond

A young artist carves soapstone in space provided by For the Love of Learning in St. John's
Small space with big goals: United Way support helps foster non-traditional learning

For the Love of Learning (FTLOL) is on the top floor of what used to be a house. It’s small but cozy. Young people go there for studio space, art supplies, internet and friendly, supportive faces.

The official mission of FTLOL is that it is an “arts based organization that provides support and guidance to local youth by nurturing their creativity and resilience through projects that facilitate life-long learning and skills development.”

FTLOL organizes art exhibitions, stages plays, produces anthologies and short films, organizes mentorships that have resulted in a cd release and a poetry book – all to highlight young people’s creativity and talent. The organization also helps them with their employment skills, offering help with things like resume writing and how to do a job interview.

Danielle Devereaux (MA) is the communications and outreach co-ordinator with the On the Move Partnership, a Memorial SafetyNet project.  She’s also an FTLOL board member. Ms. Devereaux got involved with FTLOL because she believed in what they do. She also knew how challenging it was to get board members for a small, not-for-profit organization.

FTLOL helps young people learn skills and develop their creativity outside of an institutional setting, which is important for a lot of reasons, according to Ms. Devereaux. “There are many reasons why someone might not be able to sign up for a class or a degree program, but that doesn’t mean they won’t benefit from the opportunity to learn.”

“Not everyone’s learning fits into an institutional or school setting, nor should it have to,” explains Ms. Devereaux. “That mandate struck a chord with me as I think it’s important to recognize that getting an education can take many different forms and there’s not always a diploma at the end of it. Actually, in the best case scenarios there is no end to getting an education, we just keep learning.”

FTLOL is one of the many community organizations supported by the United Way of Newfoundland and Labrador. Until the end of November, Memorial employees have the chance to give to the United Way through the payroll deduction campaign. It’s the third year for the campaign and last year, Memorial employees committed over $28,000.



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