Ramadan 2021


Taraweeh & Daily Prayers

MSA MUN is arranging taraweeh prayer every night at 167 Elizabeth Avenue for brothers. We are also offering the 5 daily prayers at the same location throughout the holy month of Ramadan. Please join us for the prayer service in this blessed month. 

The chart below shows the Adhaan time for each prayer.

Every prayer will be starting 20 minutes after the Adhaan with the exception of Maghrib inshahAllah. Only the Maghrib prayer starts 10 minutes after the Adhaan.

Friday Prayer

Due to COVID-19, MUN Chapel is not accessible. We are currently offering Friday prayers at St. John's Lions Club

April 9, 2021

First Jumu'ah


Second Jumu'ah


To stay updated about the prayer time, please visit our Facebook page prior to the prayer service.

Find Lion's Club on Google Map:

Meals for Quarantined Students

MSA MUN is providing iftar to new or returning students who are coming outside the province and currently quarantining. If you are a new or returning student, please send us a message through our Facebook page and inshahAllah we will add your name to the list so that you get your iftar delivered to your room throughout your quarantining period and fulfill your obligation of fasting.


MSA MUN is providing iftar completely free of cost to everyone in the community every Sunday during the month of Ramadan. Our dedicated volunteers are delivering food to your doorstep so that you can join us in the spirit of Ramadan without having to leave the house for health and safety concerns. This iftar is delivered to the registered individuals regardless of religion or faith traditions. 

Please click here to register for the iftar


For brothers who want to seclude themselves and engage in worship, we can provide a place for seclusion at the same location. If you are interested to seclude yourself for any number of days during Ramadan, please let any of the volunteers know and we will make arrangements accordingly inshahAllah.

Covid Guidelines

We request everyone to follow the covid guidelines. While we are at alert level 2 at this time, we have all seen how quickly the situation worsens. Please follow the guidelines to help us keep the environment safe so that we can continue to host prayers inshahAllah. In order to ensure everyone’s safety, we urge all attendees to comply with the Covid restrictions.

We request everyone to perform Wudhu from home and bring their own prayer mat. Masks are mandatory. Registration is required on spot. Food and drinks (including water) are prohibited to limit the risk of virus transmission. We also expect everyone to maintain social distancing within the premises. The five daily prayers and Taraweeh will be held at 167 Elizabeth Ave.

If you have any concerns or suggestions, feel free to reach out to our volunteers.

Covid Guidelines

Volunteering and Funding

Your support in facilitating these activities would be highly appreciated. You can also help by contributing to the MSA Ramadan fundraiser. All contributions will be put to good use, for the sake of Allah, to help everyone enjoy the blessings and spirit of Ramadan! Your good intentions and spending in the way of Islam will not go unrewarded by Allah.

“Whoever spends something in the cause of Allah is rewarded seven hundred times over.” (Tirmidhi) 

Please signup here if you are interested in volunteering

If you want to list yourself as a donor, please register here


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