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1965       Resettlement Act       No. 48


(April 15, 1965)

WHEREAS it is recognized by the Government of the Province and by the Government of Canada that it is desirable that considerable numbers of households in the Province should be enabled to remove from small settlements where the environment is unsatisfactory and to resettle in places which will be more to their advantage;

AND WHEREAS the Provincial Government has proposed and the Government of Canada has agreed to assist in a considerable programme of resettlement to be effected in the immediate future;

BE IT THEREFORE enacted by the Lieutenant-Governor and House of Assembly in Legislative Session convened, as follows:
1. This Act may be cited as The Resettlement Act, 1965.

2.—(1) Subject to the approval of the Lieutenant-Governor in Council, Her Majesty in right of the province represented by the Minister of Fisheries of the province may enter into an Agreement with the Government of Canada, represented by the Minister of Fisheries of Canada, or any other Minister of the Crown in right of Canada, contemplating the progressive removal of a number of households, not exceeding a total to be stated in the Agreement, and their resettlement in favourable localities, within a maximum period of five years from the first day of April 1965.

(2) An Agreement made pursuant to subsection (1) may be Amendments amended from time to time, and every amendment shall be to Agreement.

Short title.

Minister of Fisheries may enter into agreements etc.

Amendments to Agreement

2           1965           Resettlement Act            No. 48

Sharing of expenses

Power to make Regulations
made in the manner provided by subsection (1) for the execution and delivery of the principal Agreement.

3. In an Agreement made pursuant to Section 2, provision may he made for the sharing between the Government of Canada and Her Majesty in right of the province of the expenses of the removal and resettlement referred to in that section.

4. The Minister of Fisheries of the province may, subject to the approval of the Lieutenant-Governor in Council, make regulations as to
(a) the places from which households may be removed;

(b) the circumstances and conditions under which, and the numbers of households in respect of which, such removal shall be undertaken;

(c) the places at which, and the circumstances and conditions under which, the resettlement of such households shall be undertaken;

(d) the nature and extent of all payments and allowances to be made to assist removal and resettlement, including without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing, grants in aid and actual travel and removal expenses of persons and property of all kinds;

(e) the conditions under which, if at all, any property or equipment remaining in evacuated settlements may be utilized by the households or persons removed;

(f) the surrender of property in evacuated settlements to the Minister representing Her Majesty in right of Newfoundland, and the destruction, if it be thought fit, of abandoned dwellings or other structures, and the prohibition of resettlement of persons or households in evacuated communities;

(g) the provision of retraining and of equipment if necessary to enable removed households or persons to resume their occupations, or take up new occupations, in places where they may be resettled;

(h) the proportion of the inhabitants of any settlement whose agreement shall be sought before a resettlement programme is undertaken in respect of such settlement;

           1965           Resettlement Act            No. 48            3

(i) what property shall be removed, and any limitations of expense thereon;

(j) what assistance, if any, shall be provided to households unwilling or unable to move when the major part of their community has been evacuated;

(k) the acquisition of land in resettlement areas, and the conditions on which it may be granted or leased to resettled households or the heads thereof;

(l) the provision of water or sanitary facilities at resettlement points;

(m) the construction, reconstruction and repair of houses and other buildings in resettlement areas for the use of re-settled households;

(n) the conditions, if any, upon which resettled households may be deprived of or forfeit any advantages conferred upon them in the process of resettlement;

(o) penalties, if thought fit, for any breach of any mandatory provisions of the regulations; and

(p) all such matters generally as are necessary in order efficiently to deal with and control the removal and resettlement process and to account for and protect public moneys in connection therewith.

5. The administration of the programme in the province shall be in the hands of the Minister of Fisheries of the province or such other Minister as the Lieutenant-Governor in Council shall from time to time designate to administer the scheme, but the accounting for moneys in connection with the scheme shall be made on behalf of Her Majesty in right of the province by the Minister of Fisheries of the province.

6. The Government of the province may, if thought fit, join with the Government of Canada in the establishment of a joint committee representing both governments to advise in relation

Who to Administer schemes.

Advisory Committee.

4           1965           Resettlement Act            No. 48

Agreements to be tabled.


Proclamation of this Act.
to the programme and the number, nature, duties and powers of such joint committee shall be set out in the Agreement.

7. Any Agreements with the Government of Canada made under this Act shall be laid on the Table of the House of Assembly within ten days of the opening of its first Session in any year.

8. Any payments that Her Majesty in right of the province may be required to make in accordance with any agreement executed and delivered under this Act shall be made by the Minister of Finance out of the Consolidated Revenue Fund of the province.

9. This Act shall come into force in whole or in part on a date or dates to be proclaimed by the Lieutenant-Governor in Council.


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