List of Communities Abandoned, 1965

(The following list is from the Stacey Collection. A. G. Stacey was a senior level bureaucrat in the Newfoundland Government involved in the resettlement program during the mid-1960s. An image of his original document listing the following communities can be viewed by clicking on the “Image of Original Document” link immediately below.)

Image of Original Document (81kb)


West PointTosselo*
LaPoileSt. Anne's
Grand BruitSt. Kyran's
Grey RiverSt. Leonard's
FrancoisIsle Valen
Rencontre WestClattice Harbour
New HarbourMonkstown
Richard's HarbourDavis Cove
Muddy HoleProwseton
McCallumPort Royal
PushthroughHarbour Buffett
PiccaireRed Island - long term
Jersey HarbourPoint Lance
Little Bay WestShip Cove
Miller's PassageGooseberry Cove
Red CovePatrick's Cove
Turnip CoveAngel's Cove
Bay du NordCuslett
Rencontre East**John's Pond
Anderson's CoveDeer Harbour, Random Island
English Harbour EastBritish Harbour
Grand le PierreLoreburn
Point Rosie - long term -Maberly
Sagona        -    “       ”St. Brendan's (long term)
Point CreweChange Islands (long term)
LoriesBeaumont N & S
High BeachLushes Bight
Point MayPort Anson
CorbinLittle Bay Island
OderinCull's Island (Leading Tickles W)
Little Harbour  ) long rangeLock's Cove
St. Joseph's    ) long rangeLittle Harbour Deep
Burnt IslandsConey Arm
Petit Forte - long termHooping Harbour
Great ParadiseWilliamsport
Little ParadiseHarbour Deep
Great BonaCurrent Island
Great BrehatSt. Carol's
Trout RiverCurrent Island (Flower's Cove)

**Rencontre East was not abandoned. The compiler of the list erred when he or she included this community.

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