Annual Report with List of Places Vacated, 1963

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Year Ended March 31, 1963



Reference has been made in previous years to the Centralization Programme which is administered by the Social Assistance Division. Financial assistance may be granted to a maximum of $600.00 per family in order to assist families to move from isolated settlements to a more centralized area where public services, schools, medical care, etc., are more readily available.

No assistance may be granted to an individual unless the head of the household of every family living in an isolated community signs a petition agreeing to move and requests financial assistance from this Department. The regulations state that assistance may be provided any family who moved from an isolated settlement not more than two years before the signing of the petition.

The cost of this Programme from April 1, 1962 to March 31, 1963 was $92,433.67. The number of families assisted during the period was 99. There has been a total of 1,256 families assisted since the Programme commenced in January, 1954. It will be noted that the number assisted last year was far less than the year previous even though 13 settlements were abandoned from April 1, 1961 to March 31, 1962 and 11 settlements were abandoned during the year just past. The population of the settlements moved in 1961-62 was much larger than that of the settlements abandoned in the year 1962-63.

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The breakdown of places either vacated or in the process of being vacated is listed below:

Places VacatedNo. of Families
Barge Bay, Labrador4
Black Island to Hillgrade12
Blow Me Down, Kingman's1
Bonalds Island22
Braggs Island66
Brown's Cove11
Brunette Island62
Burnt Island21
Burnt Island Tickle8
Cape Cove4
Colinet Island51
Coney Arm, W. B.5
Coward's Island, B. B.26
Crawley's Island15
Deer Island9
Dog Cove, Burgeo6
Dove Brook4
East St. Modeste3
Eastward Cove, Via Branch1
Emberley's Pond, Via Boyd's Cove2
Fair Islands85
Flat Islands93
Gad's Hr. to Norris Point1
George's Cove9
Gold Cove6
Goose Cove12
Granby Island1

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Places VacatedNo. of Families
Great Hr., East Cul De Sac16
Great Jervois5
Green Island9
Groais Island8
Head's Harbour14
Hr. Island, Placentia Bay Area6
House Cove6
Indian Islands, Fogo59
Ireland Bight8
Island Cove, Via Long Beach6
Jiggin Cove2
Kerley's Hr.2
King's Cove, Spirity Cove1
Lear's Cove1
Little Bonia3
Little Brehat, St. Anthony24
Lower Head6
Lumsden South22
Muddy Bay, Cartwright1
North East Arm of Trinity, B. B.7
North East & South West Croque21
North West Arm, B. B.20
Nuggetville, Markland2
Pardy's Island6
Patrick's Island3
Paul's Island15
Pinch Gut Tickle1
Point Crewe6
Port Nelson22
Pumbley's Cove10
Raymond's Point, Gaultois9

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Places VacatedNo. of Families
Red Island, Burgeo7
Rouge Harbour1
Round Harbour6
Safe Harbour, Bonavista North19
Sand Hill Bay, Labrador3
Sandy Cove, Via Port Aux Choix2
Sandy Cove, Twillingate8
Silver Fox Island45
Sops Island West44
Sound Island12
South Branch, Codroy2
St. Anne's2
St. John's Bay2
Sunnyside, W. B.6
Sydney Cove, B. B.36
The Head, Summerville3
Thoroughfare, T. B.8
Tickle Island, S. M. B.1
Triton East14
Webbers Cove9
West Bay13
Western Arm, W. B.10
Wild Beach, Jean de Baie1
Wild Cove18
Winter House Cove10
Woodfords Cove4
Woods Island79

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