Harvey Downer Letter to Robert Wells, 1959

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Indian Islands
Fogo District
April 13th/59

To Robert J. Wells
St. John's

Dear sir: -
We the undersigned, householders of Indian Islands, last year petitioned the Government for assistance in helping us to move to larger settlements. Since then we have on two occasions, sent representatives to St. John's presenting all the facts required by the Government. However we are still not satisfied with the answers given us. We would like to have a guarantee of what amount the government is going to give us and also what time this amount will be available to us, so that we can make our plans for moving. We have decided (with Government assistance) to start moving around the first of August. We can forsee no chance of earning any money after that time in the season as it will take us all the fall to get settled elsewhere. Under the circumstances if the Government cannot give us a definite answer to the information required herein we will have to remain on the Island for another year, thereby still requiring the facilities of Postal services, operator, school teacher and so on. We would appreciate it very much if the Government would give this problem its careful consideration, and we wish to take you in anticipation of an early reply.

- 2 -

Leslie Kinden
Harvey Downer
Nath Kinden
Solomon Collins
Harold Kinden
George Collins
Eric Kinden
Lorenzo Collins
Maxwell Boone
Kenneth Collins

James Collins
Marshall Collins
Malachi Sheppard
Harvey Hynes
George Hynes
Leander Perry
J J Perry
Earl Perry
Jethro Collins

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