Leander Perry Letter to Robert Wells, 1958

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N. D. Bay
Dec. 2nd 1958.

To Robert Wells
St. John's

Dear Sir :

Since returning to Carmanville after seeing you at Indian Islands we the three perry families have looked through the book of small house designs that you gave us. Now sir there are certain questions that I would like answered concerning the prices of certain houses etc. so I am writing you to try and get these answers.

First I would like the price of the house design 803 with it complete that is with the full basement. Also what it would cost finished on the outside and with kitchen and one bedroom finished inside.

Next what would be the cost of the one and one half story house design 412 with basement complete. Also the cost of this one finished on the outside and with kitchen and one bedroom finished on the inside.

The next thing I would like to know is when building the house would it be possible to have the sheating nailed on the inside of the stud instead of outside so that on

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the outside it would be just the clapboard nailed to the bare stud. Now Sir I have seen quite a few houses repaired and taken down and the house that was sheated on the outside of the post always showed a great deal of rotten sheating and rotten posts while the one with just clapboard on the posts never showed any rot at all.

I would like you to forward an answer to me as quickly as possible as we ar [sic] intreasted [sic] in the answers to these questions.

Yours Truly
Leander Perry

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