Seymour Goodyear Letter to J.R. Smallwood, 1958

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Lumsden South
October 24, 1958

To Mr. J. R. Smallwood
St. John's.

Dear Sir.

I am informing you concerning my condition in this settlement of Lumsden South where I am living. There were houses pulled away from here last winter by the Government Bull Doser. I am asking you for permit of one of them in by the highroad out of the sand.

I dont [sic] need it as yet before the mantence [sic] are finished using them at the end of this year. I am a cripple man and no money man. I am getting socal [sic] assistance from the Government. If I had money like other men I would be able to pay a Bull Doser to haul my my [sic] house. I cant [sic] live here because of the shifting sand. It is windy here today and and [sic] we can hardly get out around the door. We have to cover our eyes with our hands. Thanking you, please reply in the future.

Yours truly,
Seymour Goodyear.

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