Raymond Combden Letter to Isaac Mercer, 1958

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August 26th. 1958.

Mr. Isaac Mercer, Q.C.

Dear Sir:

In the past three or four years we have been led to believe that we would get four hundred dollars per family to help fray expenses of shifting from Wild Cove to Seldom consequently we made a move at least some of the people did shift to be exact five familys [sic] have came [sic] into Seldom including myself. I feel pretty sure that you cannot imagin [sic] what terrible hardship that we have to face this Winter.

To begin with we got no fish this summer not enough to pay expenses and nothing this Fall so far.

I got my house taken down and brought up here now I wants [sic] to know where the money is coming from to build it up. Three weeks ago I was speaking to the Rev. Mr. Mercer our Rector for Fogo Parish he told me that the Lord Bishop of Nfld. had taken over the matter to see what could be done now you probably know more about this than I do.

It seems as if all the other people we were trusting to was giving us the bluff. Now I am telling you that we don't want any more of that we have had about all we can take from anyone.

Please give us a definate [sic] answer to this letter if there is nothing for us say so. We will know what to do when the time comes. I feel that I should say a few words about the Old age people in Wild Cove also there are three sick men down there to that cannot help themselves if they had the money given to them.

Now what can be done for those people surely something can be done for them.

Please look into this serious matter immediately I would suggest that the Department would send a man down here to investigate the whole business. Meanwhile if there is any information that I can give please drop me a few lines I would be glad to do so.

Hoping to hear from you soon

Sincerely yours

Fogo District,

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