G. Crewe Letter to P.H. Jardine, 1957

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Department of Public Welfare

Grand BankOctober 22, 1957.

Mr. P.H. Jardine,
Director of Social Assistance.

Dear Mr. Jardine;

For the past two years the people of Brunette Island have been considering the possibility of moving to the mainland, mainly to Grand Bank or Fortune. The sudden decline in the economic situation lessened their enthusiasm until now there appears to be no other alternative.

In March 1956, accompanied by the Magistrate, I went to Brunette and attended a public meeting. At this meeting I outlined the procedure to be followed with regard to moving. A committee was appointed but there was nothing done. There were 25 families there at that time. Since the number has been reduced to 15. The other ten families moved one by one and provided homes at either Grand Bank or Fortune. They had some financial means and received help from friends in the form of loans.

The families remaining on Brunette have no means to make provisions for homes here or at Fortune. They need some assistance. There are 40 children on the Island, 22 of whom have had no schooling for the past two years. There are children eleven years of age who have only reached grade 2.

During a visit to Brunette last week I found that interest in moving has been reactivated. Now every family wishes to move. A committee has been formed with a view to obtaining Government assistance. Such assistance will be necessary before September 1958. The families how at Brunette will remain through the winter and make provisions to move during the spring.

It is felt that the $400.00 per family previously offered is insufficient considering that the house [sic] that are fit to dismantle have to be transported by boat and the high cost of land.

It is expected that the committee formed will be directing correspondence through this office in the near future in order to give ample time for necessary plans and financial arrangements.

Yours truly,

G. Crewe

Welfare Officer.

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