C. Hicks Letter to R.L. Andrews, 1957

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Department of Public Welfare

April 18, 1957.

Mr. R. L. Andrews,
Deputy Minister,
Department of Public Welfare,
St. John's.

Dear Sir:

I have just recently returned from a visit to the Musgrave Harbour-Ladle and Aspen Cove area.

While at Ladle Cove an attempt was made to ascertain the feeling of the people in that community towards resettlement. The feeling expressed was, if it was possible to move to some Industerial [sic] area, the greater number would be willing, but to move to some settlement and still have to leave to earn a living, they are not too enthusastic [sic] over the matter.

Aspen Cove. The greater percentage of the working class are fisherman [sic]. Some expressed their willingness to move, but others could not see the point, especially if they would have to travel a greater distance in boat to proscute [sic] the fishery, particular [sic] lobster.

Since the Roads program has been announced, and it has included the construction of a road from Musgrave Harbour to Aspen Cove, it will be more difficult for the people to make a decision. Obviously when those settlements are connected by road, they will no longer regard themselves as being isolated. In having these small settlements connected by road, it is my personal opinion it will cost the Government far more in the building and maintenance, than it would to move the families to other worth while settlements which have better church and school facilities. In these small settlements the school problems are becoming serious and it is very difficult in obtaining teachers, and if obtained, it is the one who is out for the first year or with a low Grade, consequently, it is the children and community [who] have to suffer.

Yours very truly,

C. Hicks, W.O.

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